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  • LARGE Lathe Turnings

    Here's an interesting YouTube video of some very large turnings done on a modified 16" NOVA DVR lathe. This lathe uses no drive belt, its direct drive, variable speed, and reversible.
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    Re: LARGE Lathe Turnings

    that was interesting,

    I was wondering how he was going to rough it down, the chain saw was a neat idea,

    I like the lift table as well, (if I only had the room),

    do not really have a desire for some thing like that, but I do have a lathe that would work,

    it is a 1880's lathe, and has had a set of blocks made to give it about 24" swing, but that would be a neat project, the bed serial number is #2,

    I really appreciate you posting this, it is beautiful work.

    Maybe some time in the future, but it is a neat project, (was wondering at first how one would use such a deep vase, but the door on it to hid the pot and for access to it.

    Thanks again,
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