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Just bought a TS3612!!

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  • Just bought a TS3612!!

    I own a Ryobi BT3100 and have been quite pleased with it. However, I knew I had to move up to a bigger saw as the size of my projects continues to grow I was at the Home Depot in Burnaby, BC and there it as, a new in the box 3612 for $699 Canadian. That's $300 off list. I has been looking at the new TS3650, but at $300 off list, I bought the TS3612 without hesitation. I also got the Ridgid oscillating belt sander for $200 off list. I mean...yeah!!
    I put the saw together today. All wnet well, no missing pieces, fit and finish was first rate. Very satisifed so far.

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    Welcome and congrats' on a big person's saw! Sorry---couldn't resist!

    Consider yourself lucky, as every place is runnig out of them---let alone one new in the box. I have a much older version of the same basic design and have really enjoyed it.

    Good luck and keep your fingers at 10!


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      gmack...good purchase, I have the same. I own a BT3100 (6 mos old with the attachments, router..etc..) and now I own a TS3612. Does anyone know someone or somewhere I can sell my BT3100. I also have a RIDGID Her-U-Lift on it.
      If it ain\'t broke, tell the wife it is so that you can get more TOOLS!!


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        Post it at and reference it at , probably at "coffee pot" and "bt3x00"
        If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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          i did the same thing. I was very pleased with my bt3100. however, i came across 3612 in my local HD for $275 brand new! I just could not pass it up. i sold my bt in parts and accessories on ebay and came out little above even. so far I am very pleased with the choice that i made. but i must admit that i miss bt's SMT and dust collection.


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            I bought the RIGID dust collection attachment for the saw but haven't attached it yet. Is it any good or should I just return it?


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              I like the saw, but the dust collection is just not good enough. I use it but don't like it. Does anyone know of an affordable alternative that works well?


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                Mechanic, I'll take your Herc-U-lift.
                keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                  The Ridgid plastic hood that fits under the table only has a 2 1/2" hose fitting. OK for a shop-vac but if you have a DC you'll need a 4" opening to really take care of all the dust and chips. Also they want $25 for it. A 14" x 14" plastic fitting from Grizzly, Penn State, Rockler and any number of other suppliers fits perfectly, has a 4" opening and costs around $12.

                  Cover in the rear of the saw with 1/8" luan, ply, hardboard or cardboard. You'll be able to cover about 80%-85%. This is more than enough since once you're DC's running it'll pull the air in through the remaining 15%-20% of openings. No dust or chips underneath or at the back. Perfectly clean motor!

                  Only place that dust now shows is on the top, since I've a ZCI and that's not as good for keeping the dust off the top as the standard insert with the wide opening.

                  There's no need for dust and chips from any contractors saw even when comparing to a Ryobi 3100 or cabinet saw with these two inexpensive solutions, but you'll need a DC to really make it work.