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  • Mobile Miter Saw Workstand

    Just in HD today found the AC9940 on sale for $99. One is in the garage now.

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    Lucky. Been eyeing that for a long time---heck of a deal.


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      Good Deal don't have a saw anymore but I still purchased one of these items. There will be a SCMS on there of some make soon.


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        They are apparently $99 everywhere, and I am glad I got one a couple weeks ago for that price because I think the local HD is out now.

        Does anyone know if HD will continue to carry these? Or if Ridgid will still make them, and what the price will be?


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          Well if they discontinue it I hope it is only because they have a better model in the works, though I think it would be tough to beat the current model MS-UV. Glad I have mine.

          Just a thought, I wonder how the TP1300 would fit on there, and if the rollers could be adjusted to match the height of the in/out feed tables on the planer? If I knew they could I would pick up another at the $99 price for my soon to be purchased planer.

          If someone who has a TP1300 could give us a measurement for the table height above the base we would know.

          [ 03-07-2004, 06:32 PM: Message edited by: Bob D. ]


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            I purchased one at my nearest HD on the 4th of March. They had about a dozen left when I left. Went back to that HD on the 6th -- they were cleaned out! Boy am I glad I thought to check when I did! I like mine.


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              Local HD her in LA (not California) also had the mobile base for the RIDGID portable table saw on sale for $99.
              keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                I saw the posts and was kicking myself brecause I drove past HD Friday and did not stop. Called Monday and all were gone. Called the other store and they had three. Went over and bought two, one for a friend that is out of town. May keep it and put thickness planer in it. DW705 bolted to it but I had to use slightly longer bolts.

                According to guy in tool crib it is not a clearance (ad said special buy). The ad was supposed to be $99 with some level of tool purchase and it got screwed up.


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                  Got the new monthly ad for HD today. apparently, the manager was right at the local hd. He told me it was a sale, not clearance, but, as I have known him to declare untruths with conviction, I had my doubts.
                  The ad says the msuv is on sale this month, so if you didn't get one yet, wait for restock, or see if you can get rain check (I don't know if hd does that).


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                    Saw this in last nights paper. Does anyone know if it will fit a Delta chop saw, 12"? Verbiage in ad said something like "will fit most other saws with minor modification", whatever that means?? Curious if anyone has used it for other than Ridgid saw, sounds like a great deal. Thanks. Fred


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                      You may have to drill new holes to mount your specific saw- the pre-drilled holes fit Ridgid models. Thats about it for modifications.

                      You'll LOVE the stand. It's a quality piece of equipment.


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                        Thanks for the heads up on the cut off saw stand at HD. Went by this evening and they had plenty so already have it put together. Will mount saw tomorrow.

                        For Fredcc1 - I have a Delta 10" saw. The mounting holes on it do not line up front to back. When I put it on a "universal" tool stand I mounted the saw on a plywood base then mounted the plywood to the tool stand. Will have to do the same here but, no big deal.

                        Anyway thanks again.......okiepoorboy
                        see ya \'round the bend


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                          If you are going to make a plywood top to mount various tools on a MS-UV, be sure to cut out a hand hole so you can access the release to fold up the MS-UV for transport. When you get one and see for yourself you'll know what I mean.


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                            With more than a little egg on my face - let me clear up some of my earlier comments.

                            First I purchased the wrong miter saw stand and what I said about the holes not being in line and using the plywood base was true for that stand.

                            I looked at the link to the AC9940 and realized what I had done. Went out this morning and purchased the right saw stand and have mounted my 10" Delta to it very nicely. Had to drill 3 holes (took all of 5 minutes).

                            Took the other stand back for refund.

                            Thanks again for the heads up on a great buy. It just takes some of us longer to get it right. [/LIST][/LIST]
                            see ya \'round the bend


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                              I'm have trouble finding one in my local area. There all sold out.
                              Andy B.