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No Ridgid Woodworking tools at HD web site

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    Take it for what is worth. I went to another HD store to see what they knew. The associate there said he had heard the rumors and was instructed to say. HD will stand behind the warrantee. If the machine breaks and Ridgid is no longer around they will give you credit toward purchase of whatever they are currently selling.

    The associate went on to say they were inventoring all ridgid machines and grouping them in one area. He didn't know why, whether to ship them back, sell them out or keep a watch on merchandise stock.

    Other than that he had no idea what was going on and didn't speculate on what might be happening.
    Rev Ed


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      I was at HD yesterday and noticed that they were selling every machine except the 3612 for at least $20 off. The shelves that had been emptied of Ridgid product had been replaced with Ryobi and Bosch. (There was a BT3K on display as well as a Bosch router table setup mixed in with the Ridgid. Before, the display was only Ridgid.)


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        I was at the HD the other day and I noticed that the price for the band saw was $399. Wasn't it $429 recently?

        I was waffling between the Ridgid band saw and the Grizzly G0555, but with the price drop, plus a 10% off coupon if I can find one, I think the Ridgid might be a good buy.

        What do you all think.



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          The Ridgid BS is getting a little bit long in the tooth, specially compared to the newer design features of the G0555. You can do a side-by-side feature comparison, and the extra 4-5 plusses on the Griz side will determine whether the extra $50 is worth it.

          From my viewpoint, definitely! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Visited a third HD today. This one has the best Ridgid display and the tool corral guy is a Ridgid connoisseur. I think he owns 6 or seven major machines. First everything but the 3612 is on sell. 2412 down to $400 and the 10 inch Mitre is $129 and the 12 mitre is $229 with stand I thought they were great buys.

            Talking to him, his story is very similar to what Ridgid has already said and what someone else said on this forum. HD are basically doing what Sears did going to Taiwan and having a company build the machines there with the Ridgid logo for HD. He said all tools sold prior to April or those with labeling so stating HD will honor a lifetime warrantee. Anything after April and not having the lifetime warrantee expressly stated on packaging or labels will have a 3 year warrantee.

            He felt all machines except the 3612 which is a normal good seller would continue to be marked down until all machines with the lifetime warrantee info are sold.

            Then they would bring in the new machines in the new packaging within weeks. He said he was assured the quality would be as high or higher than existing stock and the warrantee is still the best in the business.

            He also seemed pretty knowledgeable about Ryobi. Apparently they entered agreement with HD to build to HD specifications. All Ryobi tools built to HD specs have some yellow on them.???
            In any case they are supposedly better quality than the old Ryobi since HD itself will honor the two guarantee. He said contractors are picking up on this and buying the machines. I have seen more Ryobi on the job sites in the last month or two than I saw all last year. They came out with a 18 volt hammer drill selling a $129 with a 2 year waranttee that I think would hard to beat. The BT20 portable saw showed up on two jobs with by two different subs in the last week. they love it and swear it is the best thing since sliced bread.
            Rev Ed


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              Was helping my Son-in-law put up a chain link fence around there pool today and had to go to HD for some nuts and bolts.
              Went to the HD in Fountain Valley Ca. There Ridgid display was down to a couple machines. Nothing on sale.
              Guess it's time to buy the TP1300 before there gone for good.
              Rob Johnson
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