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No Ridgid Woodworking tools at HD web site

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  • No Ridgid Woodworking tools at HD web site

    Just went to the HD web site to order the lumber for my wife's craft room I have to build and thought it might be a good time to go ahead and order the TP1300 for pick-up with the lumber.
    To my suprise, there's NO Ridgid woodworking tools available at there on-line store. I checked for the TP1300, drill presses, joiners everything I could think of. Even ran a search for Ridgid and returned a bunch of plumbing tools and shop vac's.
    I've looked at this planner a couple dozen times on there web site, and now it's gone.
    Will have to go to the store and hopefully, they will have one in stock.
    The end is near.
    Rob Johnson

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    Ridgid tools are not available online from most southern california HD stores Although I think they are available if you change the zip code and try the Tustin store.


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      Can you bring them up?
      I have looked at the TP1300 and the lathe a number of times using my Zip code before, and checked availabilty of the MS1250 I bought last month using my zip code, what has changed?
      Here's a copy of there page for Miter saws:

      Home > Online Store > Search results for "miter saw" > Mitre Saws

      Mitre Saws

      Name Price Qty. Add to Cart
      12 In. Heavy Duty Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
      • Brand: DeWALT
      • Model: DW708
      10 In. Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
      • Brand: Makita
      • Model: LS1013
      12 In. Compound Miter Saw
      • Brand: DeWALT
      • Model: DW705S
      10 In. Compound Miter Saw
      • Brand: Delta
      • Model: MS275
      10 In. Professional Miter Saw
      • Brand: Ryobi
      • Model: TS1302DX

      I see no Ridgid listed where it was listed last month.
      Can anyone bring up a Ridgid woodworking tool on the HD site?
      Rob Johnson

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      Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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        Awhile back i posted that the HD associate at the Syracuse store told me that HD will no longer be selling the Ridgid line of WW tools, just shopvacs and handtools. Their Ridgid WW tools have been 15% off since then.
        The Ryobi rep I spoke to at that same store told me that he expects to see Ryobi nameplates on those tools in the future.
        Probably HD is just preparing for the end of the Ridgid WW relationship.


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          This would account for the sudden interest in setting up Ridgid displays and dropping the prices....HD's never drops prices 15% unless it's a closeout item. I know they haven't resorted to the yellow tags yet, but I feel they will soon if the stock doesn't start flying out the door.

          I have never been able to pull up Ridgid on the HD Pro Software and have never seen any Ridgid tools online at HD's either.

          On a side note, I never order luumber for delivery from HD's...the kids that pull the orders never pay attention to the good and the bad boards. I've been delivered wood for decking that would scare a dog. One entire pallet was bad a few years back caused me to stop (it was only my second order to have delivered over the phone...I was trying to save myself the hours it would have taken to pick out everything by was a 1250 sq.ft.deck). I made them come pick it up and refund my money and I went back to hand picking all the wood for each priject..
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            Using my zip code, which a few weeks back would have listed the entire Ridgid range, today zero!

            I'm looking forward to the yellow(or is it orange)tags, so I can pick up a couple of items. It does mean having to spend every third or fourth day driving between the 4 stores in the immediate vicinity, but what the heck, a bargains a bargain!!



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              I also never had a problem bringing up Ridgid tools on the HD site. In fact, a while back I was checking HD's from here to Utah looking for the Lathe.
              I checked miter saws one against the other just last month. Now, nothing.
              I'm not affraid of buying the TP1300, as I know it's a great machine. Just kind of makes a statement of where Ridgid is going. Maybe if I wait, I can hit a yellow tag sale also!
              Rob Johnson
              Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                Does anyones "Change Zip Code" field still show on the lefthand side???....I used to be able to change mine to another, but now the field isn't event there. I've tried 2 different computers, but still a no show. I also checked to see if I could bring up any ridgid woodworking tools, but not one listed.......
                Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"


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                  Yes, the change zip code box is missing on mine also. I even went thru the ordering process to see if the box came up later, but it did not.
                  When I was shopping for Lathes, I could change the zip code and it would put me into another market that might be carrying different tools.
                  Rob Johnson
                  Orange, CA.
                  Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                    Not only are there no Ridgid woodworking tools at the HD website, the store display of Ridgid tools is really sad. The saws were so crudely assembled it was impossible to judge their quality. I bought my saw in spite of HD based on the Ridgid reputation. Shame Ridgid can't strike a deal with Lowes or Sears, at least they present their tool stock in a professional manner.


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                      the store display of Ridgid tools is really sad
                      Agreed, but that is Ridgid's fault no HD's. Ridgid needs to send some Reps to the stores to maintain and update the displays just like Ryobi does!


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                        Just got back from HD there are no 3612's left in the store. Last week when I was in I thought they were cleaning the place up what I found today was they were clearing them out. I still haven't seen any price cuts but I do know that in this store even the demo unit is gone and past experience tells me HD will not sell a floor model it they expect more.

                        I was wondeering since Ryobi is making the contractor saws for Sears (so I'm told). And the only real difference between them and 3612 is the motor and fence. And since both bolt on how hard would it be for Emerson to contract Ryobi to manufacture saws with their fence and motor under the Ridgid or even the Ryobi name?
                        Rev Ed


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                          I'm bamfoolzeled, between confused and angered. Bought my Ridgid BS1400 band saw on the strength of their lifetime warranty thinking Ridgid would be around a while. Glad I bought the fence etc while I could. Still like the product but wonder any more who can you trust?


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                            I just bought my 3612 last week and the warranty says lifetime(in the manual and on the box). I am not concerned that it will not be honored as long as ridgid is in business.


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                              I E-mailed HD and asked if they were dropping Ridgid woodworking tools.
                              I recieved the following reply:

                              Hello Robert,

                              Thank you for your e-mail to!

                              Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about our site. We apologize
                              for any inconvenience you may have experienced, and we will pass your comments
                              along to our Internet Team.

                              At this time, the Rigid TP1300 is not available through our online store.
                              Therefore, pricing and product information is not posted on our website. Home
                              Depot online carries a limited selection of our in-stock products at everyday
                              low prices. The selection is limited to only those products that can be shipped
                              via UPS. We may be adding more product categories to our site in the future.

                              We did check price and availability with your closest Home Depot. The Rigid
                              TP1300 is a reconditioned model. You will find this item in the Hardware

                              Reconditioned 13" Thickness Planer
                              Sku # 810550
                              Approx. 249.00 ea.

                              Because inventory changes regularly, we recommend speaking with an associate in
                              the Hardware Department to confirm price and availability before making the
                              drive in to your store.

                              Your local store information is as follows:

                              "Orange, CA" #615
                              435 W Katella Ave
                              Orange, CA 92867

                              If this is not the store nearest you, or you wish to check availability at
                              another location, please follow these steps: go to and click the
                              "Store Locator" tab on the toolbar. Once you've accessed the Store Locator page,
                              enter your geographic information and click the "Find Store" button. The Store
                              Locator will provide you with a map and a list of stores in your area.

                              If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.



                              I know these guys really don't know anything more than we do, but a couple weeks ago when I was in this evry store, they had at least three TP1300's counting the floor model. Now only a re-man?
                              Guess I have to go see just how depleted there selection is.
                              Rob Johnson

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                              Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!