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Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

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  • Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

    My woodshop quest continues. Just picked up the JP610 today with a gift card I cashed in from AMEX points. HD had it at the $429 list price but I talked to the Mananger about cutting me a break and he took 10 percent off. I have seen better deals than this on the forum but couldn't get him to budge. Anyway, I am excited to use the thing. Slowly but surely putting the pieces together. Currently have the TS3660 with a Benchdog promax router table attached and a Milwaukee 3 1/4 router below. Next on my list is a planer.

    Any tips on the JP610? Also, how would you rate the Ridgid 13" planer against the Dewalt DW734? Is there another planer I should be looking at?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

    I've had mine for a year, and really like it. I had read somewhere that it tended to be tippy, so I took the casters off the 4 corners, and bolted two pieces of 2x4 across the ends, using the existing bolt holes. These boards extend out about 4" on each side. I then bolted casters to these. I have no problems. Round the corners of the 2x4's just in case you hit it with your ankle.

    I take thin cuts with mine, 1/32-1/64". Seems to do a better job, and is easier on the knives.

    Last, I use a Clearvue Mini cyclone hooked to a good shopvac to clear the cuttings, and it does a great job. I had to get a reducer to go from the 4" down to shopvac hose size.

    Hope this is useful.
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      Re: Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

      Thanks for the input. I can see I will want to modify the stand and put casters on it to move it around.

      New issue. I just assembled the unit and kicked it on. Im getting a rattling noise that I am having a hard time pinpointing. I have checked the stand and the bolts all seem tight. Checked the plastic dust shoot to make sure nothing there. Loosened it and re-tightened while running the unit. Noise still there. Also is not the belt guard. It seems to be coming at or around the motor. I tried to readjust the mounting bolts while the unit was right side up and still get the noise. There is very little vibration so it doesn't seem like some critical issue. I think I will try to loosen the bolts that mount the stand to the top and try to move the top around a little and see if its just a belt alignment issue thats causing the chatter.

      Anyone else have this issue?


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        Re: Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

        Ok, I tried to isolate the problem a little more by removing the belt and running the motor. No rattle. Ill check the pullies to see if they are tight and then will try tweaking the unit alignment on the stand. Im assuming at this point I have some kind of belt alignment issue but we shall see.


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          Re: Just Bought the JP610 -- Any Tips on Use?

          Figured it out. Indeed, the set screws on the motor pulley were just about as loose as can be. Tightend those up and bang! No more noise.