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R4511 problems (blade tilt, tilt wheel wobble)

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  • R4511 problems (blade tilt, tilt wheel wobble)

    After a few weeks with the R4511, I discovered two problems. So far, I haven't noticed any detrimental effects, but it might be too soon to tell. I'm also inexperienced.

    Problem No. 1: The blade can be tilted to 45 degree as checked with my combination square (Empire brand), but the orange arrow will not line up at the 45 degree mark on the scale in front of the cabinet. It is about 1-2 degree short of 45 degree according to the scale. I have loosen the stop screw on the table top completely without much help. I have also adjusted the scale, which can be moved up or down for the most part. I can tilt the blade a bit more to the left, but the arrow indicator get crushed against the end of the cabinet opening.

    The Ridgid technical rep thinks that the scale might be mis-printed and is sending me a new one. She said that if that does work, the saw needs to be returned/exchanged. I wouldn't want to return it because I really like it. Also, it will be impossible to find another unit to exchange.

    Problem No. 2: The blade tilting wheel wobbles when it is turned to tilt or un-tilt the blade. In contrast, the blade raising wheel does not wobble when turned. Is this behavior of the blade tilting wheel normal? Or is there something wrong with trunnion/gear/mechanism?

    Other than these two problems, the R4511 is such a joy to use!

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    Re: R4511 problems (blade tilt, tilt wheel wobble)

    Problem #1. I never trust the marking on the saw when setting the bevel angle of my saw blade. At best, I use it as a neighborhood indicator to get me close then I finish off the setting with my Wixey Digital Angle Gauge. Your combination square however will work just find for the common 45° and 90° settings.

    Problem #2. I haven't got a clue as to what is causing this as it could be many things. The first thing I'd suggest is you remove the handle and determine whether or not its damaged or bent. The shaft that the handle mounts onto could be bent. I doubt though if there is anything wrong with the trunnion/gear/mechanism but like I said, I haven't got a clue.
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      Re: R4511 problems (blade tilt, tilt wheel wobble)

      You can "tweak" the pointer if you want by bending the sheet metal it is made of. What you are seeing is an accumlative tolerance build up between the placement of the Angle decal, the sheet metal pointer, it's mount etc. etc.

      I use a Wixey gage to set/check blade angle. Hands down one of the best wood shop investments there is!


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        Re: R4511 problems (blade tilt, tilt wheel wobble)

        If I tweak the pointer to align to the 45 degree mark, then the 90 degree mark is off.

        As a habit, I use my combination square to check angle every time I move the blade, even when I zero it back to 90 degree. I'll look into the Wixey gage.