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Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 - $232 Recond - Review

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  • Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 - $232 Recond - Review

    I walked by a Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 at Home Depot for $232, normally $370. I couldn't resist, I paid for it and took it home. It was a "recondition", been sitting in the store for a month and a half. Had I waited a couple of days, they'd of marked it down to $190... surely it would of been gone by the time I came back.

    This was my first bandsaw. I had tried for months to pick up a Jet 14" 1 hp, but couldn't catch a break on the local craigslist. Blade tracking is a bit tricky, but I got the hang of it after a few hours of messing with it. A little bit of vibration, mostly dued to two foot pads being missing.

    I plan on replacing the tires, belt, foot pads, guide blocks & adding plywood between the stand/motor. Should be able to do all this for right around $300, making this a pretty good find.

    I was a bit nervous about the motor being 3/4 hp. But I truthfully don't need any more power, only plan on cutting out guitar body out of 1 1/2" poplar, alder & ash blanks.

    I grabbed a Ridgid 1/8" Fine (should of gotten rough) blade before I left the store. Needed something for making tight radius turns on guitar bodies. I know most will recommend Timberwolf blades. What would you guys recommend as far as blade width & grit (fine/rough) for guitar bodies?

    Thanks for all the 1400 & 14002 reviews. It made me easy about this purchase. Amazon reviews really discouraged me at first. I don't mind paying less ($230), spending more on aftermarket parts ($70) and still having a top notch saw for FAR less ($300 total) then Jet $500 saws.

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    Re: Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 - $232 Recond - Review

    I'm only guessing here but chances are good that that bandsaw is not really a bonafide factory reconditioned unit but a HD customer returned unit. That being said, I would at least attempt to register it into the LLSA Program. If they accept your registration, all the better for you. If the saw was assembled at the store already you probably don't have the UPC code off of the shipping carton but Ridgid/TTI has accepted registrations in the past without the UPC. Of course, if the saw was indeed a factory reconditioned unit then it's not eligible for the LLSA.
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      Re: Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 - $232 Recond - Review

      It's not a factory recondition. It was "reconditioned" by, their sticker has a Home Depot logo on it. Like ya said, most likely just a customer return. It was dated for March of 2009 (with a Dremel in two places). Store took it in November asking $290. Manager said they do 20% price drops on them. So it was $290 ---> $232 ---> $190 (had I wait another week).

      I called tech support when I got the unit, had trouble with tracking, but I was able to solve it on my own. Tech support said "return it".... bleh. I will see what I can get as far as warranty goes on this.


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        Re: Ridgid Bandsaw 14002 - $232 Recond - Review

        What, specifically, did you do to improve the blade tracking?

        I just acquired a 14002 from an estate sale. One of the tires is missing from the wheels. The lower tire looks good, but sense suggests I replace both at the same time.

        Locking casters on the base would be good. Have you seen a brand and size you like?