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12" Ridgid vs. 12" DeWalt

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  • 12" Ridgid vs. 12" DeWalt

    I am going to buy a mitre saw and can't decide myself between the 12" Ridgid or the 12" Dewalt. They seem to have all the same features. (any I've overlooked?) I have the Ridgid TS2412 and love it but I have some faithful Dewalt tools and just can't decide any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was talking to a fella at home depot when I bought my MS1060. I was also considering the DeWalt. What he told me was he returned his DeWalt and picked up the Ridgid because the DeWalt had come out of the box off adjustment. He said it was something that had to be sent in to have adjusted. The Ridgid is something that you can set up yourself, and the book details the instructions. Might be something to check into before handing out the cash.
    No knowing if this conversation was fact or fiction, I went with the Ridgid (first Ridgid too btw). It came set up out of the box, and has TONS of hours on it, and not needing one adjustment yet.
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      The Dewalt miter saw was the first woodworking tool I bought six years ago and has served me well since. I have taken it on the road several times building decks and such and it performs without a hitch.



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        I have a DeWalt 705s (12" compound miter saw), and I've had no trouble with it. I don't know what the HD guy was talking about, because every adjustment necessary can be made without sending it to DeWalt. Mine was pefect right out of the box. The blade, table, and fence were all square. I'm certain the RIDGID would serve you well too. They're both good saws. A feature I liked about the DeWalt was the miter stop plate is adjustable, but that's not a big deal. A benefit of the RIDGID is it's lifetime warranty. Though a minor point, the one thing I didn't like about the RIDGID is the saftey switch. You have to push the switch before you can pull the trigger to start the saw. Another minor point is the blade guard on the RIDGID is clear, which seems to make it easier to view the blade. A lot of contractors use the DeWalt, but Jake and the "boys" at RIDGID have produced a pretty good saw too. Have you considered looking at RIDGID's new sliding compound miter saw?
        Good luck.


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          I have the 12" compound miter sliding dewalt saw. I would have to have my nuts in a vice before I would give it up. All adjustments can be made on the saw just like my Rigid TS3612. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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            I also have the DeWalt 705---the HD guy may have gotten a lemon---mine was dead on right out of the box and upon re-check, a year later, is still right on. The manual leaves nothing to the imagination----one of the best tool manuals I've seen. Also, I can't picture having a saw that you couldn't lock in at any miter angle---I've used this feature often.

            The only negative to the DeWalt is the electric brake does cause the arm to jump a bit---also the brake (or brushes) seem to be a maintenance issue as it now works intermitently.

            Now, on the other side---while I haven't looked at the Rigid---what about their new laser saw? That, to me, would be real tempting--


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              I agree with Daveferg and Wizkid. I have the DeWalt 705 and 10in Hitachi Mitre saws. The DeWalt is a super saw. It has been in use since 98 and has built a house, many decks, and many projects. After all that I made a frame for a large mirror and corners look wonderful. I probably need to change the brushes because the brake is not as it used to be, but neither am I.

              I have not needed to do any tuning on it, it just cuts on whether it is a piece of base shoe or a pressure treated 2x8.

              I do not have any experience with the Ridgid cms but I am confident that is is a fine tool also.

              I have been happy with the Hitachi since I got it at HD for $100 and it has a great feature in the 60 degree right swing. It is used for small trim work when I don't haul the DeWalt.

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                I have a crafstman because I got it real cheap but my dad has the DW slider and my friend has the Ridgid. Go with Ridgid. It is a much more user friendly machine with the stops and marking for crown right on it. I am waiting for the Ridgid slider to hit stores near me then I'm buying a new one.


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                  I have the DeWalt 708 (12" slider) and like it a lot. It came spot on right out of the box and has a sweet manual that explains everything. It is not a saw to haul around. It is heavy, big, and awkward to move.

                  I haven't used the Rigid so I can't compare the two. The DeWalt is expensive and heavy so it kind of depends on your use needs.
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                    It sounds like you are talking about a standard
                    Miter saw. I was considering the same thing.
                    But with features the new sliding miter saws are
                    providing these days, I'm going for a slider. With that said the 13.5 inch crosscutting capacity on the Ridgid looks real good for the money.


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                      Thanks for all the great tips! I talked to a guy at Home Depot last night and he also has the dewalt and wouldn't change (except to a sliding). The Ridgid has only the 1" arbor but I noticed the shield on the ridgid is clear but I seemed to notice the ridgid doesn't seem to come down as smoothly as the dewalt and the safety device I don't like since I don't have to worry about others. I'll take a look at the wood shows that are coming to my area this month. Thank You