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Planning UHWM plastic

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  • Planning UHWM plastic

    I got a 2" x 1" x 48" UHMW plastic piece that I want to reduce the thickness (1") to 3/4" for making miter track runners. I have thought of a few ways to accomplish this. One of them is using the R4330 planer. The other is using the 6" jointer/planer. I think I prefer the R4330. I have never planed UHMW plastic with a planer before. Come to think of it, this is my first time playing with UHMW plastic. Any detrimental effect on the planer and its blades?

    I am looking forward to some slick miter track runners!

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    Re: Planning UHWM plastic

    You can plane UHMW without detriment to your blades. I would probably rough saw to thickness on my bandsaw first. (possibly get two thicknesses that way if you are careful)

    Here is a link to some UHMW guidelines