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Purchased a used RS1000 and love it!!!

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  • Purchased a used RS1000 and love it!!!

    I wonder why Ridgid dropped them....I bought mine a few weeks ago,and it's a older model,,,good shape,,,but had some slop..
    Cleaned all the grease and gunk off,,,tightened the slid bearings up,,,and the column gibs...Lubed it all back with silicon,,and tuned it in..
    First cut I took it was out about .015 thousands...I was impressed....After all the cleaning and re lubing,,this baby is smooth...
    Now what I bought this for is all cross cutting....I never ripped on a ras,,,thats something I wonder about how it does without the smoothness of a table saw..
    I mill my own wood,,this saw saved me alot of time since I bought it...Nice to trow a 8' long board supported on it with cut it to size with ease...I paid 125.00 for it and yes,,best money I spent.....I love it!!!!