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Reading serial # on a 3650

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  • Reading serial # on a 3650

    I have a 3650 and am wanting to see if it falls in the ones that had a problem with running a 8" stacked dado.

    The first of the numbers is 07305#### if anyone can help me out or if you need the entire serial number to be able to tell and what problems I may run into if it does.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Re: Reading serial # on a 3650

    The problem I think you're talking about wasn't actually a problem with 8" dado sets alone but any sized dado set. It's real easy to tell if your saw is one that had the bad arbor just by looking at the arbor. If the arbor is not threaded along its entire length then you have one of the affected saws. The only way to correct the problem is to replace the arbor.
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      Re: Reading serial # on a 3650

      See the 3650 Assembly Tips thread for details on the arbor issue and links to photos showing the problem arbors.
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