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    I am using the Rigid 6.6 Cdn gallon wet/dry vac as a dust collector in my mini workshop (aka garage!). I have connected smaller diameter hose to the existing hose. It is approx 8' long. This allows me, thru another connector, to connect it to my palm sander. Does anyone know if this is hard on the vac motor? Am I running too much hose? Am I not allowing enough "free air" entering the hose because the palm sander only allows little air to enter?

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    If you are overtaxing the unit then we are all in a lot of trouble I think! There are an awful lot of us that use a shop vac for dust collection. I think you will be okay but maybe others have different experience. Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Don't worry about not enough cooling air getting to the motor. The cooling air on any RIDGID vac is drawn in from the outside, not the vac air. Also when you begin to clog a vac up or when you cap the hose, the motor is actually doing less work, since the impeller is moving less air. So if you cap off the hose on a RIDGID vac, the motor will eventually fail, not due to lack of cooling air, but excessive RPMs.


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        Mr. Jake Schnarre

        Thanks for your reply. I think that I did not explain myself very well. I am not too concerned about the "cooling air." I meant to say that I have connected the 8' smaller diameter hose to the outlet of the palm sander dust collector. With this on, it seems that the vac is running somewhat harder as it is trying to draw the air through the 10 small holes on the bottem of the sander. Is this accurate?
        On a different note, this is an amazing site and your input is excellent. David