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Building a Mobile Base Cabinet for TS

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  • Building a Mobile Base Cabinet for TS

    Wanted to hear from those who have build a cabinet base for your contractors' saw, such as the one in Shop Notes #50.

    I have an older Craftsman contractors' saw, with the 50" Biesemeyer home shop fence, like the one in the picture. While I naturally thought of adding a Herculift, it doesn't address the support of the table extension (currently, the saw, on a homemade caster base, is slightly off balance).

    Was thinking of this design, which also offered a solution to decent dust collection, as well as storage of accessories.

    Anyway, has any one built this or something similar---if so, how has it worked. Main concern---was it too heavy for easy movement around the shop or any other pit falls. Thanks

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    Hi Dave

    Say that looks like a good deal what say I come over & we build 2 of them one for your saw & one
    for my saw.
    Use safety devices or you may not need gloves.


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      Bart--your set-up ain't too shabby, but we both have similar saws/fences, so we could start a production line.

      I'm probably going to opt for a few small drawers, leaving open shelves/bins, where I can store larger items like tennoning jig, and leave an open space just below the table top, for aux fences, and a place to stick my miter gauge.

      Haven't figured out the dc yet---I like their design, but knowing my saw, it's sometimes much easier to reach things from underneath, so I might combine the dc idea, with the alternate dust drawer they show (BTW--one of their better articles).

      BTW---how does the Delta mobile base hold up on your saw---I am totally in love with the main caster cam assembly---wonder what weight limits it has, as it would be a better choice than the design's base--if possible.


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        I've been working on plans to something similar.

        I built the Ultimate Tool Stand a few months back and it works very well. I plan to use the torsion box base from the tool stand for the TS stand.

        Built from MDF, this thing is heavy and solid. It's not too hard to move around, and it stays put.


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          Jeff--thanks. Have had that site bookmarked for a long time---that is some work center. Great idea, though, adapting features to your ts stand--thanks.


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            Did you ever build a base for your saw? I have a 2424 w/Besermeyer 50" fence, small 1 car garage/shop and am thinking of this workstation for the table saw and router. Any suggestions are appreciated. I have been looking over this forum and think it is a great resource of ideas and advice.
            Jerry K.


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              wow, thanks for bumping this old thread, gives me a few ideas for how/what to do for a similar project.