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If I Use an Incra Fence on my Ridgid Saw...

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  • If I Use an Incra Fence on my Ridgid Saw...

    I am now ready to buy a Ridgid saw. But I want to use the Incra TS3 fence, which I have heard is great for accuracy and repeatability.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Is it better to buy the Ridgid TS2424 if I am going to replace the fence?
    2. If I bought the TS3612, do you think I'd be able to sell the fence?
    3. Does anyone feel that the TS3612 fence as good as the Incra fence?
    4. Does anyone have experience using an Incra TS fence on their Ridgid saw?

    Of course, I'd love to hear any and all opinions on this matter.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Well---if Dave A. shows up, he can give you some first-hand experience on the Incra. Cost-wise, you might be able to pick up a used saw, which might not seem as hard as removing a fence from a brand new saw.

    However, from what I've seen/read, I would think there would be more demand for a 3612 fence than a 2424.


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      Incra fence on a Ridgid?

      1. Is it better to buy the Ridgid TS2424 if I am going to replace the fence?
      I have heard that the TS3612 sells for the same price as TS2424. There were, if I recall correctly, a couple other updates to the machine beside the fence (update to the trunnion adjuster?).

      2. If I bought the TS3612, do you think I'd be able to sell the fence?
      I imagine so. I kept my fence, so if I ever lose my mind and get a cabinet saw, I can put the original fence back on the Ridgid for sale. It just occurred to me that I would still have a spare fence from the cabinet saw. Hmmmm....

      3. Does anyone feel that the TS3612 fence as good as the Incra fence?
      I can't speak for anyone but me... I occasionally have need to use another saw, a Powermatic 66 with it's stock fence. I am dead serious when I say, I would not trade straight across the saw you see above for the stock PM66.

      4. Does anyone have experience using an Incra TS fence on their Ridgid saw?

      In reference Dave's comment about removing the fence from a brand new saw... If you arrange the delivery schedule of the Incra and Ridgid properly, you could just not mount the 3612 fence in the first place.

      I have a quick list of the drawbacks of the TSIII fence, if you're interested I could post them later.



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        I don't have an Incra fence on my Ridgid TS, but
        I do have an Incra Twinlinear on my router table.
        Buy the TS3612 and use it as is and spend the
        money on the Twinlinear. This way you'll have
        2 great tools instead of one.
        Just my 2 cents.
        Eastchester, NY

        P.S. Question: "How many French soldiers does
        it take to defend Paris?"

        Answer: "Nobody knows, it's never been done!"


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          To Dave and John,
          First, Dave. Just want to clarify... You said, "I am dead serious when I say, I would not trade straight across the saw you see above for the stock PM66."
          Are you telling me that your Ridgid saw is as good as a Powermatic 66? If so, that is a very nice endorsement!

          I have an Incra Twin Linear. I have the whole setup -- the Woodpecker table, the Twin Linear, and the Precision Router Lift (PRL). I love this system. However, I have not used it to make those fancy dovetails yet. I do use the Twin Linear as a jointer, which the micro-adjuster allows. Sometimes, I find the micro-adjust feature to be a bit cumbersome. Overall though, I love this system. If the TSIII is anything like the Twin Linear, I'm sure I'd be happy with it.

          * * * * * * * *

          So, I am scheduled to make a decision about my table saw purchase very soon. I am really leaning toward the Ridgid TS3612 (I am also considering a Bridgewood and a Grizzly).

          So, Dave, please let me know if I interpreted you correctly about that Powermatic 66 comment. It would really help me finalize my decision about which saw to buy!

          Oh, go ahead and post those drawbacks on the TSIII. It's all important.


          [ 02-19-2003, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: Matthew Schenker ]


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            Well, that might be going far, Matthew. What I mean is, choosing between my Ridgid with Incra fence (and overhead guard too, which I really like), and a factory stock 66, I would keep the Ridgid. Now I gotta be honest and say, the 66 with Incra and overhead would be even cooler... if just for bragging rights. Far as I'm concerned, the 66 isn't $1,200 cooler, or I would have one.

            Two basic issues the Incra has:
            1) Space. The picture I showed has the fence set at around 4-5 inches. As it is opened further, the adjusting bar extends out the right side of the saw. Since you have Twin Linear, you're already familiar with this, right? It makes for a pretty large package when opened up. I measured mine once when set for a 52" cut, and if memory serves the entire saw is around ten feet wide. For some people, this can be a problem.

            2) Bulkiness. When you remove the TSIII fence, you're taking off a large size piece, the fence face, adjusting bar, and the bridge that mounts it. It is a little awkward just because of its' size. Weight isn't bad because it's aluminum, the whole arrangement weighs about the same as a Biesemeyer Commercial fence.

            I generally list a third drawback, you have to find something other than the tablesaw fence to blame parts not fitting on. It's real accurate, real easily.

            I definitely suggest that whatever base you choose to mount the TSIII on, it is a left tilt machine. Item #2 is compounded if you are moving the fence to the left side to accomodate a right tilt saw. If you notice where the rails end on my saw, there is zero ability to move the fence left of blade.



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              Any chance of seeing your overhead guard and its mountings?? It looks quite effective.



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                If you go with the Ridgid saw, and replace the fence with the Incra, I'll buy the stock fence as long as you get the 2424. I'm sure we can come to a deal.
                I have plans for a dual fence system for my saw. It's still in the planning stages, but a spare fence and rails on hand would be nice, especially since my fence was damaged from running into a imbedded 1/8" drill bit end when it was new.
                Let me know, but I don't care for the 3612 fence lever. I'm partially disabled and the larger locking lever is alot easier for me to operate.

                The 3612 and 2424 are basically the same saws other than the fence system as told to me by the Ridgid Demonstrator in my area last June. If you sweet talk the right person at HD you might get deal on a 2424.

                Thanks in advance.
                John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                  CutBuff, this picture shows the guard a little better:

                  I have detail pictures that show the mount if you're looking to put one on. I'm not sure they would make a lot of sense in a general way, they are closeups. This is an Excalibur guard, for those who aren't familiar.



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                    I can't compare the 3612 fence to others, but I find it amazingly straight and solid, and I routinely make cuts to 1/4 of the mark on the tape - i.e. repeatable at 1/128 of an inch. Make a fine adjustment and the whole fence lines up by the time it is locked. Starting this good, I can't imagine wanting more.

                    Tenons are one of the critical cuts for me... I have a homemade tenon jig that rides the fence - and have cut over 40 tenons so far this week (8 cuts per tenon).


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                      Thanks everyone for your helpful information. I am making my final decision about
                      which saw to buy this weekend. From my general impressions, I like the Ridgid TS3612
                      better than the Grizzly and the Bridgewood. First, I like the fact that I can actually look at the 3612, whereas I have to trust a catalog on the Bridgewood and the Grizzly. Also, the mobile base is important to me, and that comes with the 3612. My only hesitation on the 3612 is that some peope say it's underpowered. Still, it looks like the one for me. I compared the price of the 3612 and the 2424 and, yes, there is very little price difference, at least at my local Home Depot.

                      On the fence issue, I think I am going to first try the 3612 fence, see if I like it, and only after a trial period think about the Incra.

                      Anyway, before I bought a new fence, I have to consider higher priorities first -- a miter gauge, a good ripping blade, a tenoner, and a dado blade. Only after these things can I consider getting a new fence.

                      Keep the input coming, especially on those "higher priority" items I just listed above!

                      Thanks again everyone.


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                        UO Woody and Matt,
                        I have the 2424 and I am very happy with it. I have the rails slide down to 3612 but I really like the true 3612 rails.

                        Matt if you want to sell them I'll buy them.

                        UO Woody if I do buy them i'll sell you mine they are in perfect shape and I still have the original box to ship them in.

                        Matt what ever you do you will love the Ridgid saw. I think it has the best fetures at a reasonable price.


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                          On the Miter guage, I like the Accu-miter. It has served me well for its accuracy on the angle cuts as well as in making cross cuts to length.

                          As far as the 3612 power level, I have the TS2424 and work mostly with red oak (up to 1 1/4 thick) and have never had a problem with power.

                          I would also put a good quality blade adn dado set on your priority list as well. Forrest makes an outstanding blade and the Freud dado set has served me well thus far.

                          By the way, the woodworking show is in Atlanta next weekend , we'll have to see about my priority items that I have not thought of yet.


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                            Having two fences would be great for using the router table extension as well as the saw itself without moving the fence around...great idea!

                            I prefer the 2424 fence personally. The 2400 has the same type lever as the 3612 and it's ok, but I like the bigger one better as it's easier to disengage. Engaging is about the same.

                            Dave's setup is very nice and I like the fence he has. Is that an Osborne Mitre Guage?

                            I ran across a great article in the Oct Wood mag from was a home shop built sliding table for the 2424....I cut it out and put it in my notebooks (I have several with pertinient articles in them from several woodworking mags...since I have several subscriptions, I have no room to keep them all so I sell the ones I don't cut articles from on ebay)...anyway, I might just build this table someday.

                            On another note (and a small hijack), I've decided to veto the idea of making a router table for mine and other 2424/3612's. The Mule is perfectly suited for what I want to do. The only concern I have is drilling the plate for the adjustment wrench the Milwaukee Body grip router has as an option.

                            To get back on track with this thread, you'd be smart to get the Ridgid and even smarter to replace the fence...there's no way in anyone's world that the stock fence could pass muster with the Incra.

                            [ 02-21-2003, 11:43 AM: Message edited by: KellyC ]
                            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                              Is that an Osborne Mitre Guage?

                              Incra 2000. And, thanks.