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Jet speed clamps on sale at Woodcraft

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  • Jet speed clamps on sale at Woodcraft

    Woodcraft is having a 50% off sale on Jet speed clamps. Click here. Free shipping as well. I don't own any, so can't tell you about these clamps' quality. However, I bought four of each size base on Jet's reputation. I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform. If they are comparable to my Bessey, then I'll be happy.

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    Re: Jet speed clamps on sale at Woodcraft

    Update: I received the clamps today, delivered via FedEx in a long box. They feel nice, heavier than my Bessey clamps of the same style. The screw handle is large and comfortable to grip. The throat is about 4" in depth. The bar is thick, wide, and heavy. Adjusting is easier than the Bessey clamps too. They seem more substantial compared to the Bessey clamps.

    But, I have nothing to clamp! I got to draw up plan for the next project.

    I am wondering what are the most popular clamp sizes?


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      Re: Jet speed clamps on sale at Woodcraft

      The most popular clamp size will vary from user to user. For me, the clamps I use the most are the 6" thru 24" sizes. Those are the sizes that I have the most of with 6" and 12" sizes leading the way.
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