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Need miter saw advice

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  • Need miter saw advice

    I need some advice from some of you. I have the 12" Ridgid Sliding CMS. I got it several months ago for a great price ($300) at the Woodworking Shows. It joins all of Ridgid's other major stationary tools in my garage. My question is, money notwithstanding, how many of you would suggest this saw over Ridgid's 12" non-sliding CMS (dual bevel)?

    I know that part of the answer depends on how I plan to use the saw. The biggest problem that I see is the huge size (36" deep) of the SCMS. It might be nice to have the 12" non-sliding as it is easier to build an 8ft wide miter station with the non-slider, as it will fit toward the back of the station that I plan to build. I also wonder if the slider will wobble a bit from left to right, as that can be the nature of 12" sliders. The Ridgid 12" non-sliding seems rock solid.

    Again, I would appreciate any of your comments from owners of these two saws and what thoughts you may have on which one to own. Again, I already have the slider, but may "trade down" if the 12" non-sliding would work in most instances for me.
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    Re: Need miter saw advice

    I just bought the 12" no slide. great saw no complaints. Quality saw


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      Re: Need miter saw advice

      Keep the slider. It is capable of so much more. Also if you get a blade that wobbles [as in cheap blade] on the standard saw it will effect the cut, say you are installing window casing picture framed the wobbling blade will take out more in the center of your 45* cut than the edges leaving a horrible miter. With the slider you can pull the saw back and push the blade through the casing leaving a decent miter. The saw is rock solid, I have been using one for 5-6 years now. Rarely do I have to re-adjust it because something moved. I would find a way to keep it, once you have it for a while you will wonder how you ever got along with out it. Heck I have cut counter tops on mine.


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        Re: Need miter saw advice

        I agree with keeping the slider if at all possible as it has a much greater cross cutting capacity.

        For example, if you have 10-inch, you're limited to a nice 90 degree crosscut on 6 inch stock. At an angle, you can't cut completely through.

        On a 12-inch, you can do a 90-degree cross-cut on 8-inch stock, but at an angle I believe it is less.

        Compare that with your slider and I think you'll keep what you have.