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  • 3650 Dust Collection

    Just bought my 3650 TS and I am quite happy with it. Ridgid customer service told me that I needed to order the AC1098 dust collection insert, which I did. When I received it, the piece was at least 3-4 inches shorter on all sides than the bottom opening. The directions were useless.

    What do others use for dust collection for this model? I sam some posts for the 3612 but this is the older saw.

    Thanks for the helping hand.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    The 3650 doesn't need a seperate dust collector. It is already installed. Just attach a shop-vac or dust collector hose to the 2 1/2" fitting under the saw table.

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      Thanks Lorax.

      I used this port on the saw but there was still a fair amount of dust. I thought that this add on collection plate would be the proper fit, but Ridgid cust service led me astray.


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        Return it and make one up if need be to enclose fully from ply or even heavy cardboard I guess has been done.

        You did not state exactly where it's collecting - maybe if more specific someone has dealt with already and can assist more.

        Parts - always the bane of any user. I don't care who company is - 50% of time those on other end of phone have no idea where/what one is talking about and grab the easiest or first solution they find. It makes me nuts too


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          I noticed the Craftsman (practically the same saw underneath) has a flexible rubber flap between the table top and the blade cover/housing. This would force more debris down into the collection area. Perhaps it could be adapted or a similar design used. That's the one area where the craftsman seemed better. Sorry I don't remember which model it was.


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            If you're running the saw with a dust collector and not a shop vac, you could enclose the back and bottom. You'll need to have a way for the dust collector to hook up to the bottom enclosure though, I used a 4x3 toilet flange. This type of setup works very well with my 3612.
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