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obvious accesories for an R4511

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  • obvious accesories for an R4511

    Hi All,

    I'm going to pick up an R4511 on sale and am looking for what accessories I should pick up with it. This is my first (and hopefully last for a long, long time) table saw. I assume I need a new blade as I've read almost all saws come with inferior blades. (Is the WWII the one to get)? What else isn't included, but should be part of any set up even for a hobbiest? (I'll use if for home improvement and hopefully build some tables and other furniture, etc).

    I could imagine spending about $100 on a blade or so and some day certainly want a Dado set, but I don't know if they are outrageously expensive if you want a reasonalbly good one. Do I need extension tables? Will they be available later or do I need to get them now if I ever want them with it being discontinued (ie does it matter if they exactly match).

    Thanks In advance for your advice, this has been a very helpful website already!

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    Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

    One thing you will want right away is a push stick. Yes you can buy them but all need is some scrap wood to make your own (2x4 or plywood will work fine).

    I got my first table saw 2 years ago and learned pretty quickly that making jigs and fixtures is as important as making the project. Some you may use a lot and some just once or twice. Some things cant be purchased while others depend on cost vs time spent making your own. There is a website called that has pdf plans for sale. One in particular I found useful - 10 table saw jigs, can send you a copy if you send me a private message.

    With that said here are some others I would recommend:

    outfeed support
    crosscut sled


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      Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

      A good aftermarket miter gauge is great addition to the 4511. Incra makes some excellent and affordable miter gauges that are adjustable so you can take up the play in the miter slots and are extremely accurate/repeatable when making angle cuts. Iv'e got a couple of V27's that were only $47 online and work great!

      Also adding longer fence rails for more rip capacity and support tables on the side and outfeed make the cutting experience much safer, easier, and accurate!

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        Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

        Better blade, stacked dado outfit... dust collection... (mine works OK, not great with a shop vac. There are some great posts here that describe replacement latches to replace the two screws on your side cover. They work great. I'd hold off until you get to see how you use the saw before making major changes. If you get a dado set, you'll need to make some zero clearance inserts. A lot of guys don't like the two piece front fence guide. I don't mind it. There is a great magazine out, that has tons of great jigs you can make. I think it's name is Table Saw. Can't remember the publisher...


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          Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

          A good blade or blades is always a good addition to any TS....the saw's end performance will be significantly determined by set up and saw blade choice. Do a good job of both.

          The WWII is an excellent blade, but is expensive and isn't the only good blade in town. There are excellent choices from Infinity, Ridge Carbide, Tenryu, Freud, and others. Before spending that much money on a blade, decide what you'll be cutting most of and what blade(s) are best suited for what you'll be doing. Saw Blades 101

          There are some current bargains on a few suitable blades:
          Freud Avanti TK906 ($20 shipped) - Comparable to the Freud LU83, Freud Diablo D1050, Ridgid Titanium R1050, and Craftsman Pro 32864...all by Freud

          Lowes has the CMT P10050 for $40

          Cripe Distribution has the Delta 35-7657 for $27 shipped.

          The Ridge Carbide TS2000 is every bit the equal of the Forrest WWII...made in the USA, and is available in thin kerf or full kerf. ~ $81 shipped from Holbren with "SMC10" discount code.

          Grizzly has the DeWalt/Delta 7670 42T/4T dado set for $ excellent midrange dado that gives a taste of high end for about half the cost. They also have the DW7640 50T ATB/R blade for $30.

          The Infinity Dadonator is the best dado stack I've used at ~ $180 shipped. The Infinity Combomax Lite (010-150) is the best of the 50T blades I've used to date. (~ $70).


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            Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

            Not knowing what level of experience you've attained so far I hope you don't feel offended by this but the first accessory you should get is a good book on table saws. This one by Kelly Mehler is a good one. All of the other suggestions are very good ones but nothing is as important as safety in the shop.
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              Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

              Another good table saw book is Jim Tolpin's "Table Saw Magic". He provides a lot of good instruction and advice. The book also contains diagrams for most any jig or fixture you might need, now or in the future.


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                Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

                hewood's post is just what I have been looking for; a good start on which blade to buy to replace my old blade. I have the Avanti coming from Rockler.


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                  Re: obvious accesories for an R4511

                  Thanks for all the great advice. These posts are even better than I'd hoped for.

                  I've already ordered one of the books and one of the blades. Badger Dave, you are going to have to try a lot harder to offend me than that! I am a beginner with table saws even though I have good experience with hand tools, so a book is an ideal suggestion.

                  Millman, I would be proud to have my kitchen counters look as nice as your table saw set up looks - wow!