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  • Question for Bob Dueker

    I'm glad to hear Ridgid will be continuing with it's product name and improving upon it. What I have often wondered is why doesn't Ridgid make a bench grinder? Plumbers use them, woodworkers too. I know people that barely have a small tool box of tools, but have a nice grinder for sharpening lawn mower blades and the like. It would seam very reasonable and easy to produce a bench grinder with an Emerson motor under the Ridgid name.

    IS, or WOULD Emerson/Ridgid consider introducing a couple models of bench grinders?

    Say in the 1/4 to 1/2 hp range, with 6 & 8 inch wheels. I currently own a 1/4hp 6" Delta that's in my shop. But I'm moving it to the garage as the cheepo in the garage gave out. I would like to replace it with a Ridgid for the shop.

    Also, I have a cheepo HF unit similar to the Delta 23-710 Sharpening Center. Would be nice if Ridgid would make a similar model of this also so when the cheepo gives out the Ridgid name will take it's place.

    Also small angle hand grinders with the 4 1/2" disc. Pipe fitters use these all the time, along with the Ridgid pipe cutter/threading machines.

    Thanks for any info you can offer Bob.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>