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To sharpen or to not sharpen saw blades

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    Re: To sharpen or to not sharpen saw blades

    Bob, I would just sandwich the blade(s) between some ΒΌ" Styrofoam sheet material and then wrap that with cardboard outsides. I've never sent any blades away to be sharpened as the local guy is very good, however, I did make a very nice protective carrying case for my blades to ride in when I took them in for sharpening. The guy at the drop off place told me to just leave the blade as the sharpening service wanted no part in keeping track of my protective case. After thinking about it a bit, I had to agree with them that making sure I got my case back was a headache for them that they didn't need. Of course the blades do came back with a very nice protective coating of that soft plastic goop on all of the teeth.
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