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    I have to tell you , that home depot bunch are the stupidest, most ignorant, incompetent bunch of people I have ever tried to do business with in my life!! I am anxiously awaiting the day Lowes company takes them over, maybe then we can do business with Lowes!!
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    Hi Ho ----- not happy huh?! Well - they all have issues IMO. All retail leaves me shalin' my head in frustration and bewilderment, sometimes even amusement. If I am not customer involved that is!
    Happy Holiday and remember ---- Lowe's is said to be worse by many...... not good.
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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      and for a change of pace.....

      Most of the time ... I would agree with you

      But for once CS does mean somethin

      Unfortunatly, it depends on which HD your at.
      They all seem to handle things differently;f=5;t=001965
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        Hi Ho that sure is a pretty broad brush to paint people with. I am sure that some of them probably fit your description to a T, but I think it takes pretty much of a jerk to say that about everyone associated with Home Depot unless you have dealt with every one of them, then you are entitled to that opinion. Merry Christmas to you.


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          I like lowes better here. Drive by 3 home depots every time I go to lowes. Nothing but good things to say about them in our area.



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            Originally posted by hi ho sliver:
            I have to tell you , that home depot bunch are the stupidest, most ignorant, incompetent bunch of people I have ever tried to do business with in my life!! I am anxiously awaiting the day Lowes company takes them over, maybe then we can do business with Lowes!!
            That's me you're talking about. You understand that? ME. I am a human being, just like you. I'm feeding and sheltering a family on what Home Depot pays me. And the very last words anyone ever attempted to use to describe me are stupid, ignorant and/or incompetent.

            I am an Instructor-certified computer technician with twenty years' experience. I can build a small-block Chevy engine from memory. I can run every single tool in my Tool Corral, and repair most of them. Hell, I built most of them. I worked my way from night-shift drone to Department Supervisor in six months, and it wasn't because I'm incompetent.

            Can you tell I'm taking your comments personally? I'll tell you why. You, throwing about terms like "ignorant" and "stupid," are obviously lacking the intelligence to understand that your miniscule experience with Home Depot does not reflect anything global about a 60-billion-dollar company which employs 300,000 people.

            300,000 people. And you're convinced there isn't a competent person among us. Perhaps you should go to Lowe's - you sound like their type.

            Just remember - they don't pay as much as we do. Consider what kind of help that'll buy.


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              Merry Christmas to all of you.

              SuperDave, I want to give you my full respect the way you handled the unqualified accusations against you and your HD-collegues.
              You answered without using poor language, without argueing the initial posters sanity and without insults-- just plain ol' facts.
              This shows us all with whom we are dealing in your dept. as well as in many other HD outlets.
              Qualified, trained and experienced retail professionals who have passion for their job, loyalty to their employer and great character when it comes to rude and ignorant customners.

              Can you tell that I am in retail too?

              I comend you again and I receive my thanks and respect in place of all the other good people out there helping us to get a fair, sqare deal and a nice customer service experience. Exceptions just confirm the rule.


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                I guess it's all in the market area. I have many HD stores close by and 2 Lowe's stores. BLowe's has almost always given me worse CS than HD. Heck, most of the time, I can't find find the right light switch in stock there. Not to mention that they seem to hire teh slowest cashiers on the planet. Now I know where all those old people are going who drive 20 on a 35 street -to work as cashiers at BLowe's!!


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                  i used to believe the customer is always right now i firmly believe the customer gets exactly what they deserve (guess what i'm in retail too)bill


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                    Please explain. I don't follow you? I'm a believer in the customer is always right for businesses. Althought it's getting tougher to keep up with customer b/c they are pretty demanding these days. Integrity is all I ask for. Do what you say you will ( as an individual or organization ) Would be interested to hear your perspective.



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                      I've had customers stand there with a completly streight face and lie about items or issues, i've had people try to return things that were never even sold by us and get pissed when i evplane that they could never have bought it here, Ive had people come in purchase an item use it and then return it because its "cheeper than renting"
                      i've taken more abuse and "crap" from "price consious" shoppers who buy something at a B.O.B. and then want my store to warrentee or repair items. If i sound PO'd maybe its just the xmas rush but customers are getting more and moer rude every year. and now we have to compete with the damned internet sales to boot.bill


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                        Here in Louisville the Lowes are all higher priced than the HD on everything but lunber, they are the same on that. I have found that most all of the HD employees have brothers and sisters working at Lowes. If you know what you need then go get it, if you don't , then go to a Mom & Pop hardware store and ASK. they are a lot higher priced but they have the knowledge to help. Your other choice for help are these BB online if you can find one that takes the time to help answer questions instead of just complaining about things.LOL Just my Observations of course.
                        info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                          I hear ya on the demanding customers. That is a tough one. But as for the use tool and return. That is home depot's fault. They set up the policy. Btw, that is how Marshall Fields got started in their market. People used to do that all the time with cocktail dresses. But it turned out that while they rented dresses for free, they also spent a bit of money for the loyalty at Fields. Sounds like Home Depot's business model is flawed. If they can't honor the tool return warranty, they shouldnt' put it out there. Just one man's opinion.

                          Merry Christmas


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                            open address:I can say nothing but good about the entire staff at lowes. I know most of the managers there and can call and have them pull the item(s) i need so i can come in and pick them and walk out without having to wander the store. Do I shop there a lot? yes.

                            At home depot, it's not the same because they rotate their people so much I can't find them or they aren't on a regular schedule. There are some really good ones but the mediocraty rises to the top in the hd stores.

                            I bought a roll of .4mil visqueen at HD. and then i needed one more and found it at my local hardware store for 2.00 less. same mfg as well.

                            Then there was the time i went to hd with my receipt from lowes where the 300.00 item was one dollar lower than hd. Hd said that thet would sell me the same item for 10% of the difference not 10% less than the 300.00. now this is a manager of a tool corral, so i can understand hi ho's complaint, however i cannot condone his blanket of verbal abuse.

                            I agree that all of these people are trying to earn a respectable living, but if not properly motivated and trained, no one will get quality service from those people. So where does the problem lie and how do you correct it? Train and motivate what you got before you build any more.

                            at least thats my opinion.

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                              woodworkerjake: you got it slightly off there bud i dont work at hd but we get people who buy stuff a hd or "best buy" (appliances) and try to return or get warantee work at our store. big box beat our price by 20.00 on a 700.00 frig, but guess who they call for repair!! and guess what store the school kids go to for donations for school stuff!!! just my private pissed off rant bill