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New Jointer, Nicked Knives

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  • New Jointer, Nicked Knives

    Hello guys,

    I just purchased the new jointer from casselberry, fl home depot for 107.01, last in the store, my question, problem is that the knives are nicked leaving rigids on the popular I tested it on. and the fence when slid front to back left scratches on the table. Any advise would be helpful, customer service is closed for the holliday..

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    Re: New Jointer, Nicked Knives

    As for the knives, if they are double edged, just reverse one, and feed slow. That should offset the nicks so it will remove most of the ridges. (temp fix. Store owes you a new set of blades as a minimum, and if they are nicked, it was not "new").

    As for the fence, check for debris or rough edges on the bottom. A few scratches on the table should not affect the jointer's ability to produce flat and square surfaces.


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      Re: New Jointer, Nicked Knives

      New knives are not that expensive so I'd just replace those nicked up ones with new. I buy my knives from Holbren. They have very competitive prices and great service.
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        Re: New Jointer, Nicked Knives

        thanks for the replies guys, but this is a brand new jointer, still had the straps and original plastic wrapped around the box. I will try with the store to get new knives, i will also check the fence again for any debris.Is there some type of pad for the contact point for the fence?