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  • Surface Maintainence - TS3650

    What are people using to perserve and maintain the cast iron on the TS3650 with? I thought I saw a Post about paste wax but cannot find it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    To remove rust = Boeshield Rust Free
    To protect against rust = Boeshield T-9
    To make the CI slippery = Bostik TopCote® or Paste Wax
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      Thanks Dave!


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        i agree with the bostik topcote. great product. i have never heard of bostik rust free though. is it worth looking for. i have always used some mineral spirits and a green abrasive pad under my ROS to remove rust from my surfaces


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          Originally posted by spacebluesonoma:
          .....i have never heard of bostik rust free though.....
          It's "Boesheild Rust Free", and it works great. I use it with an abrasive pad when rust is heavy.


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            The March issue of WOOD magazine had a side-by-side test of several rust removal/protectant products. Several removers had similar results, but the Boeshield T-9 protectant appeared to be far and away the leader in preventing rust in their simulated wet-box environment.

            I just tried the boeshield rust remover this weekend on both my TS3650 and the JP0610 jointer. The jointer has been been in my heated/unheated garage since last fall, the table saw for about 3 months. I hadn't used anything on the surface (except wood!) since I assembled them, and they both had just a slight layer of rust appearing over the whole surface. The jointer actually had a few small "spots" where the rust was really starting to take hold .

            I had a litle problem using the rust-free, but I think it was mostly my technique. The stuff dried before I got it all off, and it produced kind of a "sticky" residue. I sprayed on some more, and it loosend-up to where I could wipe it better. I even resorted to wiping with clear water afterwards.

            This stuff really stinks and is quite caustic (phosphoric acid, Navel Jelly), so you might want to wear gloves if that kind of stuff irritates your skin. It also left the iron surface with streaks and steel blue colors that seemed to match the wiping marks. I also noticed that I was getting "flash rust" as the rag was always coming of with a slight red/yellow tint. If you don't have any rust right now, you might want to skip this step altogether, or just wipe with some mineral spirits/kerosene to claen the surface a bit before applying a protector.

            But, all anxiety was gone once I applied the Boeshield T-9. It sprays on in more of a stream than a fan spray, like it was designed to get into a small spot (even comes with a long sray tube that you can put into the nozzle). I just sprayed on enough to spread it around of the cast iron surfaces and let it sit. The surfaces went back to their normal look. There is still a light "oily" film that I will probably need to remove the next time I use the tools.


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              where are yuo buying these products? I would like to use them on my tablesaw as well.


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                The three products that I listed above are all available at my local Woodcraft. Their catalog only list the Boeshield products however so you may have to look elsewhere for the TopCote. I do know that Bostik TopCote® is available through Lee Valley.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  Home Depot sells Bostik Topcoat in Canada. The stuff is great for making a slippery surface but is not very good as a rust preventer. I used it for a few weeks on my jointer and even with several coats applied and not much usage I could actually watch the rust form as the garage went from 40 F to 70 F. I used Johnsons paste wax and no more rust. I thought we were done with this winter crap but I guess we have to wait til Wednesday for spring


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                    Thanks guys....found a Woodcraft just a few miles away. Will be going there today to pick some up for my tablesaw.


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                      >To remove rust = Boeshield Rust Free
                      >To protect against rust = Boeshield T-9
                      >To make the CI slippery = Bostik TopCote® or Paste Wax

                      Any specific brand of Paste Wax? How often should it be applied?

                      Also, what grade of Steel Wool should be used to remove the rust spots that are begining to show?

                      I did pickup some T9 today, will give that a try but not sure which grade of steel wool to use beforehand so I'll wait until I hear.

                      As always, Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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