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TS3612 dado setup

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  • TS3612 dado setup

    New to the forum. New to woodworking. Got the TS3612 on closeout at BORG (Big Orange Retail Giant, i.e HomeDepot).

    When I setup for dados, it seem that the threaded portion of the arbor is too short to use with the stamped washer on any dado over about 1/2". Is this me or did somebody fall asleep in the Ridgid Design department? Even worse, without a washer, it appears that 3/4" is the max. Pisses me off since I have a Freud SD508 which goes to 1-1/16th.

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    According to the owners manual, the largest dado that the 3612 can make is 13/16" wide. Anything wider would have to be made in two or more passes. I've always removed the inside washer when using my dado setup and have never had a problem by doing so.
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      Jake, who used to be the Ridgid troubleshooter here, said it's perfectly OK to run the dado without the washer. I seriously doubt you'll find too many saws that can handle a 1 1/16" wide dado. I have used 3/4" on my old Craftsman saw, with the same sized arbor---you just don't want to use it with the arbor nut not showing any of the arbor shaft at the end.


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        The maximum dado width is 13/16". It is permissible not to use the outer blade collar(washer) with some of the widest settings. Thanks!


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          Thanks for all the help. Being a novice, I just assumed that the washer was there to help apply the attachment force to the blade evenly. Since a stack dado blade has several time the mass of a single blade, I would have thought that the washer was more even important in a dado application than a standard single blade setup.


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            As you noted, the dado is more massive/thicker. While in an ideal world, it would be "nice" to have that washer, it can run without it. What is very important, however, is to make sure all the chippers are meshed so their teeth don't touch eachother or the outside blades---you want everything sitting on the arbor straight.


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              if you have the shaper head with the 1 inch blades, you can dado very nicely on the 3612. I have done it, no problem
              be careful
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