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    Hey again,
    I have built my son his first bunk bed. I wanted the corner posts to be 3"x3"x6' in order to do this I glued four 1"x8"x6' boards together (I used tight bond glue)and ripped them down. My question is should I drill a hole all the way through the 3x3's and run a down through or do you think I will ever have a problem with the boards seperating.I am at the finishing stage and will be spaying it this weekend so now is the time to do it.By the way we are working with clear pine incase that matters.

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    You should be fine just the way you are. If glued up properly, the glue joint is actually stronger than the wood itself.
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      Agreed. In pine using tite bond, you will see a seperation of wood grain before the glue joint, if the proper amount of glue was applied and under the proper presure. You have nothing to fear.
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