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ZCI levelling (screws?)

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    Re: ZCI levelling (screws?)

    Originally posted by cisco1138 View Post
    1) SAFETY:
    Let's say you are trimming off 1/4" from the end of 2"x4", that cut off piece is going to be taken down the saw's throat. It might get wedged between the throat plate and the blade. It might get chopped up into smaller pieces and some of those pieces might come flying back out aiming in your direction. They may get sucked into the dust collection and get banged around some more by the impellers

    2) QUALITYt:
    Take for instance a cross cut on plywood, the blade's downward cut is going to cause tear-out on the down-facing side of the plywood. If the insert plate is up against the blade, it will help prevent tear-out
    Thank You. Great explanation. My TS2400LS often made a loud bang, as if the blade from its shaft was ripping apart. A Terrible loud noise, almost gave me heart attack the 1st time until I discovered the wood in the saw throat (dust compartment) was being kicked around by the blade when the saw was 1st turned on. I removed the saw dust (plastic) compartment cover - which solved the noise problem but added saw dust flying everywhere. This ZCI idea is wonderful, will solve all the problems. Thanks.