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  • reclaimed or recycled wood

    Is there anyone who knows of a place that sells reclaimed or recycled wood in the Dallas area (within 50 miles)? I would really like to find some reclaimed chestnut, walnut or hickory as well as any other wood. I have seen many places on the internet but would like to go and look for myself in person at the wood. Any information would be more than helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    I don't, but I would call Austin Hardwoods, Hardwood Lumber, and Paxton's to see if they can refer you to anyone. Worst they could do is say they don't know.



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      Thanks Dave, I'll give it a try.


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        Last month I had a flood in my house. The company that dryed out Last month I had a flood in my house. I have solid Oak hardwood floors. The company that dried out my house wanted to trash the wood. They told me they do it all the time. Why don’t you contact one of these companies in your area and see if they will contact you when they remove a floor? BTW my floors were 6” wide 8’ long and ¾” thick. I kept the wood!