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Sears Router Extension Table on Clearance

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  • Sears Router Extension Table on Clearance

    I just got a router extension table that fits in 3612 on clearance at Sears for $70. It comes with all the hardware and fence. Seem like a great deal!

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    I have a 3612 and have also been thinking about a router table extention. Just out of curiosity, how do you know it fits? I will be checking sears today, that does sound like a good deal.


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      I have seen a many posts where they have used this on their 3612. The description online says that it should fit any tablesaw with table width 27". Since the table made of aluminum, it should not put too much weight on the rails which was my main concern. I am not planning to keep my router in when I am not using it though, just to be on the safe side.


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        I have this router table extension on my 3612 and it fits/works great.


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          I went to the Sears in Richmond and it is still full price here.

          gmack, did you replace one of the cast iron wings with the table extension, or did you attach it to the wing. The rails on the 3612 are so long that it looks like you could just add it on.


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            I actually put this extension on a 2424. It works well, but i didn't want to remove a wing, so i added it to the end of one. I had to actually build supports since the fence supports didn't quite extend out as far as i needed, but some angled 1x3 back to the base supports it quite nicely. I am disappointed in the mitre track thought... i have a feather board i wanted to put in there (works on the table saw) but it's not deep enough. Anybody else done something different about that?


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              Can you please tell me which Sears you bought your extensions from? And if you can supply the phone number as well. I think Sears may price match to the other stores.

              Thanks in advance

              - J