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Rockler Tennon Jig on Rigid saw

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  • Rockler Tennon Jig on Rigid saw

    Does anyone hear use the Rockler Generic Tennoning Jig with a Rigid saw. I purchased one and sander the miter bar to fit. The problem is that the jig sits on the leftside miter slot. It appears that it was made for the right side slot. I am not sure that I can reverse the base of the jig to make it fit correctly. I even moved the miter bar over but something still seems wrong. Sorry if I did not word this right but I think you know what I mean. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    Most are all the same. I bought a Woodcraft version and it has holes in the base so I could move the miter bar over for left tilt operation. I think the difference was maybe 2" at most. Teh instruction manual that came with it should have clear instructions on how to switch it over if it indeed can be used on a left tilt saw.