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  • TS2412 riving knife and other accessories

    I have a TS2412 model table saw and love it.

    I'm looking for some accessories for this saw and am havign trouble finding affordable options.

    I need another zero-clearance insert and Ridgid is selling one for $82!!! I bought this same piece a few years ago from them for somewhere in the mid $20s. What's up with that price hike???

    Also, I'd love to find a riving knife for this saw. (To be honest, I don't even know if it's possible to attach one.) Has anyone successfully modified their saw to accommodate one?

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    Re: TS2412 riving knife and other accessories

    i'd make my own ZCI out of mdf, plywood, laminate flooring, hardwood, whatever. it's surprisingly easy. here's a video on how to do it:

    since the stock insert of the 2412 is very thin, i use 1/4" hardboard pieces between the stock insert and the zci blank to raise the blank up off of the stock insert to keep the router bit cutters from hitting the stock insert when the ZCI is trimmed to size.

    i also have a 2412 and have also thought about a riving knife. inspecting the arbor carriage, i can't see a way to attach such an accessory. if you figure it out, there are a lot of 2412, 2424 and 3612 owners out there who would welcome the idea. HTH
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: TS2412 riving knife and other accessories

      Thanks for all the good info.

      Upon inspecting my current ZCI, there's a clip that helps secure it to the underside of the table. What are you using to keep the home made ZCI in place?

      Also, here's my idea for a riving knife...well, sort of. I'm thinking if I can find an additional blade guard, I can cut the top off the metal back a bit to make this. The only problem is that it will not raise and lower with the blade, but it will follow the angle. Can anyone see any problems with this?


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        Re: TS2412 riving knife and other accessories

        regarding the ZCI, anything will do, like a small piece of wire hanger attached with a screw that keeps the rear edge of the ZCI from lifting up. i use whatever sheet metal stock i have lying around and make a piece about 1" wide by 2" long. i drill a hole in the metal piece and a corresponding hole in the outfeed end of the ZCI, countersinking the hole in teh ZCI surface. the metal tonge is then bolted to the ZCI using small machine screws and nuts.

        regarding your description of a fabricated riving knife, it sounds like all you're achieving is a small splitter. it will bevel just like the stock splitter but will not have a blade guard and will be smaller than the stock splitter. it still will not move up and down with the blade, or accomodate non thru cuts lower than the fixed height of the splitter, like a real riving knife does. i've just gotten another stock splitter/blade guard and removed the blade guard. while this is not ideal, it gives me a splitter, which is crucial to safe table saw operation, yet removes the blade buard, which can be annoying to deal with. not ideal or optimal, but it works for me. HTH.
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: TS2412 riving knife and other accessories

          Thanks for the ZCI info. After reading your post, I had a "duh - Of Course!" moment.

          I was digging around in my saw last night and I can't see any (safe) way to add a riving knife. It would have to be attached somehow to the axle, which is impossible with this design.

          Is it just me, or is the guard that came with this saw really cumbersome to use? 99% of the time I leave it off, which I realize is not safe, but it's weight "sticks" too much when I'm using it. It's terrible with cross-cuts.

          FINER9998, do you have any photos of your setup?