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  • Patrick A

    I got a custom completely adjustable table extension support system, this afternoon from work. I was walking through the fab shop and low and behold 2 channel (unistrut) stands complete with 6 x 6 floor plates sitting there. I was told they've been sitting here for over a year, take 'em. OK! grabed a couple of angle brackets & channel nuts, out to the trunk. All I can think is I may join the 2 stands with some kind of cross meber, or better yet a piece of peg board bolted up! I wish I had a digital camera to share once it's done.

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    You're lucky! Try to post some pictures once you get it set up. I'm always scavenging for stuff. My TS outfeed table is made of two hospital doors that are 3'x8' and 1 3/4" thick with formica on four sides. I read your profile and it looks like you've got the perfect job for that. I got old blowers from a HVAC contractor that I know and turned one into an air filtration box. Maybe you could talk your fabrication shop into building a cyclone dust collector for you at cost?! Think of all the things you could do with the scrap ductwork or piping.