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  • HD/Ridgid Future

    Several threads recently have questioned the future of the HD/Ridgid relationship. This concerned me as I'm ready to buy a 3612 TS and 1300 planer. I therefore, emailed HD today and received the following reply:

    " Hello,

    Thank you for contacting!

    We know that Home Depot will not drop the Ridgid tool line as Home
    Depot owns Ridgid Tools.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us


    Joe B."

    Hope this relieves some fears which I certainly had. I'm on my way to HD tomorrow. Pays to check-out rumors!!!

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    I would like to hear what Emerson has to say about HD "owning" Ridgid tools!
    They do for the time period they purchase them from Emerson until they sell them to the general public though.
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      I believe Joe B. is a little confused. There is no information on Home Depot's site or Emerson Electric's site about HD owning/buying Emerson's tool division. Please see Emerson Electic's site for more info:

      Bob R


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        I work for Emerson as a truck driver. We have had no info a sale of Ridgid to HD. HD is a big buyer of Emerson products. More like Emerson buying HD ?? [img]smile.gif[/img]
        try and ask them.
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          Nothing here either...

          I'd say he's sadly mistaken, but then why would anyone at HD's say that?

          Given the relationship as we all know it in the stores with poor displays and product knowledge, it's not as far fetched as it seems. If that's true I may have to rethink further purchases as they will surely cheapen the line to fatten profits...maybe that's why Paris closed...
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            I don't think you have anything to worry about. If HD had bought the Ridgid line, why on earth would they be stocking all the Ryobi tools?

            Also, if they had bought Ridgid, wouldn't it only make sense to display the merchandise in a more favorable way? And why would you not be able to find a better selection of Ridgid's tools or any of the accessories?

            Bob R


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              This garbage, of HD owning Rigid has been floating around for about a year or so. I'd be willing to bet there was an internal memo or a rumor floating around at a HD meeting. There was also one going that HD owned Ryobi.

              Passing this kind of info on to their employees---it's no wonder nobody there knows anything.


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                Could be that he meant they owned the distribution rights to the Ridgid products, which for the most part, they do.

                HD is the world's largest home improvement retailer with ~1500 superstores and revenues of $53.6 billion. Ridge Tool is a niche player in the woodworking & plumbing fields. One of 15 Divisons of Appliance & Tool. Which is one of the five Business Segments of Emerson, whose revenues were $13.8 billion.

                My estimate, because it's not broken out, is that Ridge Tool has revenues of $350-450 million. About 3% of the total corporate numbers. HD, as far as I am aware has not purchased any manufacturer of any kind, let alone one with such small financials. It is a retailer plane and simple. Since HD doesn't take all the Ridge Tools products I estimate that the sales revenue they get from selling Ridgid products is about $400 million. About 0.75% of their total revenues, and probably not that profitable. Peanuts!

                No, I don't believe that HD bought Ridge Tools or ever will, it's not in their business model.

                Sorry Jake, not on the mainstream woodworking topic, but relevant, I guess, to a 3612 purchase. And no, I don't expect you to comment on any of this.


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                  This is a difficult situation for Jake, but all of the speculation on here will not, to the best of my knoeledge,change the HD/RIDGID relation-ship. Whatever they have committed to each other will have to just run it's course. If confidencw is lost in the product, then a representative of either or both companies should publish something to allay customer apprehension concerning availability and quality or lack of it.

                  I live in a city next to elyria where Ridge tool is headquartered, and I am fairly sure Ridge is not going to close this facility. Nor are they going to jeopardize their "Ridge Tool" reputation.

                  Just either keep your confidence in ridgid tools and hope HD will get better in their understand-ing of the customer confusion they create with lack of knowledge of ridgid tools, look elsewhere and make someone at the HD/RIDGID is aware of what peice of woodworking equipment you purchased and why you went elsewhere.

                  sorry to be so long winded but we're getting off the track of what this site is about.

                  thanks for your time, sorry i got long winded


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                    While I agree this and other similar threads aren't about ww'ing----they are certainly an outgrowth of people's frustration with HD when trying to compare or buy Rigid tools. Only reason I even bother posting on these is in the hope that it could help Rigid to identify sell-through problems at HD. I have a great deal of respect for this company and their inovative products.


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                      Just a quick confirmation, though its been said several times, RIDGID is not owned by Home Depot. It is owned by Emerson.

                      The woodworking tools are sold exclusively at The Home Depot, while the plumbing and pipefitting tools are available at a variety of outlets.



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                        Jake, in your defense, a friend of mine works at the rigid plant in Elyria, Ohio. Acouple of years ago he told me about Ridge getting into some kind of joint venture to produce a line of woodworking tools. At the time he didn't know who it was,so i'm assuming it was with Emerson, and from what I'm understanding from the things imparted on this thread, the joint Venture entered into some type of agreement with Home Depot for some sort of marketing exclusivity. Is this the basic structure to the best of your knowledge? And if not can you explain how the hierarchy of this confusing situation works, how long the Depot will still be handling Ridgid WW products, and maybe we won't have to continue hearing the neverending horror stories about Home Depot service and lack of product knowledge?



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                          Home Depot managed to grow into the nations largest Home Center store while offering pretty good service and a knowledgeable group of salespeople. Since Lowes came on the scene, HD seems to be at a loss as how to compete successfully with them while maintaining quality.
                          I'm not praising Lowes service either, just observing what has happened to Home Depot in the face of competition fiercer and better financed than the 'local' stores they have put out of business.

                          As far as the HD/Rigid relationship, I doubt that will ever improve from the customers standpoint, because HD is obviously unwilling to make the effort, leaving the quality of product presentation and representation to the whims of tool crib managers whom they do not properly train or supervise.

                          I say all this as someone who has bought a lot from HD over the years, but goes there much less often now, seeking alternatives when possible.


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