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  • Clearance - Florida Style

    Was at Home Deposit in Ocala Saturday and saw the following:

    1 brand new RS1000 on clearance, $499 or $459, down from $549. The box still had the straps around it, too and was nice and clean. At $459 it is getting very close to the price back when the 20% off deal was on. A good buy for someone who needs a RAS and is near/can come to Ocala, FL to pick it up.

    A bunch of Herc-U-Lift Plus units piled up under the clearance table. They had the yellow clearance label on them and were priced at . . . $89.95. Which happens to be the regular price of the Herc-U-Lift Plus

    How could this be? Well, this IS Florida, where dead people vote. Three times in the same election. In a county that they never lived in when they were alive. (Really, it happened in Miami well before the "hanging chad" fiasco of 2000). It is also Florida where the aforementioned "hanging chad" mess occured. And finally it is Florida where the governor's (little "g" was intentional) daughter got thrown in the pokey because she was trying to pass a fake prescription and got caught. Then sent to rehab. where she (if memory serves) got caught with more drugs or booze. And yet the idiot governor is more popular than ever. So, in the end it makes sense that a "clearance" item in Florida would cost the same as it did normally. We should probably be thankful that HD did not increase the price to put it on "clearance."

    Florida - The Rules Are Different Here!

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    It's nice to hear that hd's in Florida also have idiots running things. I see clearance prices out here that are routinely the normal price. Sometimes the clearance prices are as much as 5% off normal!(Sarcasm)
    I often see unboxed and without manuals or accesories, items selling for close to regular price.


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      Let me try to explain. I happen to work at HD's corporate office. Things are put on clearance from the buying office, not the store. Clearance simply means a "status" change for that item, not always a reduction in price but I agree that it should be. Often times things are placed on clearance, but the buying office has yet to mark them down. Again, the price reduction also comes from the buying office. If it is clearanced though, there is a strong likelihoood that the price will be reduced soon, so I would keep an eye on it!