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Lifetime warrenty for Jet, Powermatic,Performax?

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  • Lifetime warrenty for Jet, Powermatic,Performax?

    I was flipping through a wood working mag at the store the other day and noticed an ad for Jet saying they had a lifetime warrenty now. I didn't buy the mag and had figured I'd just go read up on it at Jet's Website But I don't see any info on it. It looks like Ridgid has started a good trend here. Anyone know anymore about the Jet warrenty? Is there a time limit on it or is it going to be standard for them?

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    Not sure, I got that warranty on my Powermatic saw. It's fairly new. Probably started b/c of the Ridgid issue.

    It's worded quite vague in my product manual, however I have known people who swapped out Jet / PM motors several years after purchasing a saw for free. This was before the lifetime warranty even existed. Even though wording is vague, I feel confident on their service. Wasn't a reason I chose the saw, but it's a nice added benefit.

    FYI, I've used PM service when I was assembling saw and also have some Delta tools I used Customer service for. In my experience the Jet / Powermatic service is 2nd to none.