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    Re: R4511 Sale/Clearance

    Well, I guess patience pays off. If you saw my earlier thread, I tried to get my $200 refund at the HD where I bought the saw. They told me their price was still $499 even though other stores had marked them down. I figured I would wait a while and try again. Tonight I called and sure enough, even though they had none left, the price was marked down to $299. I went right over and got my $200 credit. What was even better was since I had it on my HD credit card the new promotion was 12 months no payments/no interest. I jokingly asked the young lady at the counter if I waited another week and came back would they give it to me for nothing. She just grinned.

    I love it when a plan comes together!


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      Re: R4511 Sale/Clearance

      Originally posted by nhurst View Post
      I bought my R4511 on Monday and finally got it price matched to the $299 price this morning. Buying a $600 saw for $300 sat a lot better with SWMBO than for for $500, let me tell you!
      Well, I had to take the saw back today.

      When I went to unpack it last week, the table top was broken, almost perfectly 1/4 of the top was busted. All the way in to the insert, and about halfway down the side.

      When I took the top off to assess other damage, the front trunnion was snapped clean in half, and the carriage assembly was completely collapsed down inside the cabinet.

      There were no other saws in the region, and the nearest Ridgid service center is 2.5 hours away, with no weekend or evening hours.

      All of the staff at the store were commiserating with me at the loss of such a good deal.

      I'm hoping Ridgid comes out with their new saw quickly, as I don't live in a strong woodworking area, and Home Depot is the only store that carries decent equipment now that Lowes has stopped carrying Delta.


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        Re: R4511 Sale/Clearance

        Anyone still seeing any of these in stores? North of the border here they still exist but at 799. Any chance they would ship to store? I don't mind making a road trip!!