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    Hey fellas, new to the site have a question. I have kina of a cruddy garage, some day would like to build a nice shop. When I do, I want to get a nice dust colletion system, but untill then I would be happy using a shop vac. I mainly want to hook up my table saw (Ryobi BT3000) and a 10 in compound miter saw. My router mounts on my table saw so moving the hose around is not a huge deal. My question is what vac should I get. I had a refurbished shop vac brand that fell apart after a few months of use. I like the rigid brand ones but am not sure which one to get. The vac doesn't need to get all the dust, just the big majority of it. I also would use the vac for general shop cleaning, cars, ect... Any help would be appriciated.

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    I bought the RIDGID 12 gallon one and am happy with it. The price was right, and the vac really sucks ... like it should. I think I was steered this way because one of my friends likes his and the price was decent. It won't work like the industrial shop-vac systems, but it works fine for my garage use.

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      I own the large RIDGID Vac and have for a few years now. I have been quite satisfied [img]smile.gif[/img] with it for general purpose use and I have it set up as a dust collector in my workshop, rolling it around and attaching to various tools to collect the dust. It is not a dedicated dust collector system but has served me well as there arte other "material collection" needs in my shop that it handles.

      I would recommend it for the setup you suggest.

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        I have a big shop-vac brand that has a lot of horsepower, filters the fine dust well, and works well when it has a nearly full tank of sawdust/chips. I am most impressed with the quiet running of it, the Ridgid is probably comparable. In my experience number one is how loud the thing is, number two is the filtering. When I use it with my random orbit sander it does a very nice job. I sanded in my garage next to the car and there was no dust on the car when the air settled down.


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          I bought the ridgid 1665. It comes with a stinger vac that is great for vacuuming out the cars. It is 16 gallon with 6.5 horse. I have it hooked up to a jointer and it works great.



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            I owned a ShopVac for nearly 30 years. It ran fine, but it sounded like a KC 135 at takeoff and the noise required that I wear hearing protectors. I finally gave up hope that it would die a natural death and justify the purchase of a replacement. So I just bit the bullit and bought a new Ridgid on the recommendation of the clerk at the Borg (and the price was right). Well, when I got that sucker home and plugged it in, it was not discernably less noisy than my old one, so back to the store it went. I finally bought a Fein Turbo II which I had admired at the Woodworking Show in Atlanta. It is significantly quieter that the Ridgid and has a very long power cord as well as a long hose. It was rather pricey, however, but I am pleased and feel that I have received my $$ worth.


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              I purchased the Ridgid WD1245 12 gal. vac just before Christmas. I'm quite pleased with it. Suction is excellant and the noise comparitively low. (I have an old Craftsman vac, the Ridgid Stinger, and the household vac is an upright Dirt Devil... it is quieter than all of those!)

              The WD1245 comes with some decent attachments and Ridgid/HD has a variety of other attachments, hoses, and filters that can be purchased separately at competitive prices. Problem with my old Sears vac was that filters were a small fortune when compared to the Ridgid.

              As far as suction is concerned, this is the most powerful vac that I have ever owned. It will literally suck the paint of the basement floor (but maybe I need to use better paint) and has no problem picking up bolts, screws, metal scraps etc. I just had to replace my furnace and the vac saw extra duty cleaning up the mess from disassembling the old unit.

              Overall, I'd say this would be a good purchase at a reasonable price. It does a good job with sawdust from my bandsaw, bench sander, and radial arm saw. Ridgid vacs also have a lifetime warranty.

              Hope this helps,



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                I got the 16 gal and love it. quiet (more so than my dad's little 6 gal shop vac) and strong.


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                  but does it suck stuff of the floor like finishing nails, drywall screws,nails, small pieces of metal?


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                    theres not much you can do about the loud noise of the vacs since if you really want a very good sucking capability of the unit.. ridgid do have mufflers on some of the vacs however..