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    I have always had my blades sharpened locally. Local shop went out of business. I received a flyer from a sharpening business by the name of 7 Hills Sharpening. Went to their website They appear to be a legitimate business, even have feedback that highly rates them from sharpening auctions they list on Ebay. They have very good prices and guarantee. Even have a sale next month for 25% Off. But still wondering?
    My questions are. Are other woodworkers satisfied with sending tools and saws out to be sharpened? Is this a good method or not? Lost tools or damaged this way? Is the cost of shipping too much to justify sending them out?
    Has anyone else heard of 7 Hills Sharpening and if so did they do you a good job?
    Get a little concerned with shipping my good blades and bits several hundred miles away to be sharpened by complete strangers.
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    For someone who lives far from a population mass sending blades and bits out to be sharpened may be the only answer. However, for those living near even a small city, a local service that does good work shouldn't be that hard to locate. Check with a local lumber yard, not a HD or Lowes, and ask them for a recommendation. A cabinet shop, if available, is another great place to go for a recommendation. I take my blades to a local hardwood supplier who has a company that picks them up and returns them in a week. Cost is abour $0.28 a tooth and no freight.

    I've never heard of the place you mentioned so I can't comment on them. I have seen very favorable comments about Forrest Blades resharpening service.
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      Remembered a thread a while back on that
      I use my local guy though
      thread on 7 hills