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    Re: 3650 zci

    Originally posted by DarkWolf View Post
    I'd known several people who only cut at full height because it lessons the chance of a kickback due to the orientation of the blade rotation on the material.

    Far as a ZCI, it makes no matter if you cut it full height IMO as the point of a ZCI is to have fully supported sides along the cut line, which are still there no matter how much is cut out.

    Now... Does it affect dust collection, having more or less cut out? Dunno..

    1st: As for kickback: The biggest threat of kickback comes from the rear teeth lifting the board up and then launching it. This is a worse problem with the blade fully up, because the rear teeth are coming straight up off the table. Not only does it lift it higher, it also imparts much more energy to the piece as it throws it because the teeth are in contact with the wood for a lot more of the arc of revolution.
    Having the blade lower, though, increases the tendency of the wood to ride up on the blade, especially if it is light. Once it comes up off the table, risk of it twisting into the teeth is greater.
    Best option is to keep the blade lower with a feather board or board buddy to keep the work on the table.

    2nd. As for cut quality: I have seen no difference between raised just enough for the cut, or fully slotted to blade maximum. I have tried both with just a blade and with dados. The edge is the same.

    3rd. As for dust collection: I see a lot more dust on top of the table with a ZCI, but I am using a shop vac, not a full fledged dust collector. This is very noticeable when just lightly trimming a piece (less than a full kerf cut).

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      Re: 3650 zci

      Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
      I don't because I seldom have to saw anything that thick. I normally start out by raising the blade up to the approximate thickness of a 2x4 when I make the opening in the insert. If I have to cut something thicker than that I just raise up the blade to whatever height I need and enlarge the slot
      I like your method,
      Thank you


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        Re: 3650 zci

        That video is fine, except most ZCIs are used with dado sets and therefore, you can't use a splitter anyhow, you're usually not cutting all the way through the wood anyhow. That is an handy idea for the standard blade ZCI though.


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          Re: 3650 zci

          The video was meant to demonstrate a technique for overcoming the problem faced with cutting thru the blank ZCI when the 10" blade doesn't allow the ZCI to be seated firmly on the throat opening.

          Dado blades measure 8" and make it easy to cut thru a blank ZCI.