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  • RAS /TROUBLE??ridgid

    hi! guys .hey guys what would you do if you had insurance on shipping .and it got damaged real bad .i bought one and guess what damaged i bought it last october /and still can,t put it together it,s all scratched up broken blade gaurd ,blade bent ,threads damaged ,plastics broken,lever lock bent ,shaft elevating crank bent ,ah it just gets worse ,but any way the insurance want,s parts list on damage for a price ,thing is ras had a life time warranty .do think it will still be for life if i put it all back together don,t think so what do you guys think would you accept new saw or put back together insurance driving me nut,s [img]http://[/img]

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    New saw damaged in shipping? Make them replace with a new saw with lifetime warrenty.
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      I'd go for the new saw also. It won't have the Lifetime Limited Warranty as that promo is over but at hopefully all the part will arrive in good shape this time. I'm not sure that the warranty will do you much good anyway will it? Does RIDGID have service centers in the UK?
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        Get it replaced. Keep the original receipt dated before Jan 31, poof, instant lifetime warranty on the replacement


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          I'd get a new saw but not Ridgids for this particular type of saw. Ridgid has already announced that they are going to discontinue the RAS and my guess is that parts will be sparse at best. If you can find a comparably priced Delta RAS, I'd say that would be your best bet. They carry parts for saws they built like 100 years ago.