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    I am making some model sized ramps for my son and his friends. Now with these i am wanting to get a 60 degree incline on the actual ramp. It will be a simple ramp basically shaped like a triangle. So my question is what tools will i need to accomplish this? I have tried using my table saw and cutting the 60 degree cut and the tops both align perfect but when it comes to the bottom there i have the square bottom. I want this to sit perfectly flat and i am just not able to cut the angle it requires with my tablesaw. So could anyone give me any suggestions as to what tools i need? I have tried a jigsaw and that was just a mess.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: angle question


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I'm not quite picturing what you are trying to cut for the ramps, but I suppose it doesn't matter; and, do you mean a 60-degree or a 30-degree incline. 60-degree is a real nose-dive! Even 30-degrees is a pretty good incline.

    But, if you take a piece of stock and cut a 30-degree (or whatever) angle bevel, and then place that cut end, flat against the table surface, the incline will be 30-degrees. If you take a rectangle of plywood (any width and height) and starting at one corner, make a 30-degree cut to the other edge and then lay that cut edge flat on the table surface, the angle will be 30-degrees. In my head, I'm only seeing one angle cut, represented by the red line in the below illustration.

    Am I picturing this wrong?

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