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Ridgid jointer 199$

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  • Ridgid jointer 199$

    Anyone have any luck on this item?

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    Re: Ridgid jointer 199$

    It is the Pacific region only. I think CA, NV, NM, AZ.

    I looked into paying for one over the phone at a store in CA and collecting the stock here in GA. Was not going to happen since the GA store would lose money. The other alternative was shipping it, but at 220lbs, that's not going to fly (literally!) either.

    Ultimate Power Deal coming up (I hope) in April. I can wait until then. The jointer is the last major equipment purchase for my shop. Hurrah!


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      Re: Ridgid jointer 199$

      I actually bought one in hopes of a price change.

      but, after looking at that pic again, I was able to figure out what BYO 5 only means.

      BYO 5 is a home depot store region, in CA/AZ/NV/NM, so Im not expecting the 199 price on the east coast (or even where you are), at least not from this list.

      Price adjust policy is officially 30 days from purchase (why not 90, I dont know....I can return and rebuy at the lower price within 90 days), so I might keep it a little longer. It looks like there might be more discounts coming next week (and maybe it will be a normall weekly thing, dont know), so it might be possible the jointer ends up clearanced shortly.