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Incra V27 Miter Gauge

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  • Incra V27 Miter Gauge

    I just received my new miter gauge. Wow, what a difference over the stock gauge that came with the R4511. I believe the V27 is one of there entry models, but it is very well made and much smoother then the stock one. I bought it from Hartville Tools who matched/beat the Sale Price from Amazon. I highly recommend them as well as Incra.

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    Re: Incra V27 Miter Gauge

    I bought one to go on my just-sold Craftsman portable saw, but I just got an R4511 and I was wondering if it would work with this saw. I'm glad to hear that it will!

    I'll tell you, I would buy an Incra product again just based on their tech support alone. They have a guy named "Mark" in tech support who has patiently put up with my many questions and been most helpful.

    Mark is partially responsible for me winding up with the R4511. He thought it was a great saw, and said other than the table it was the same saw as the Craftsman saw that sells for $799.00, and he further postulated that it was the same as a more expensive granite top Steel City model. He even said he thought it was made by Orion (sp?) just like the Craftsman and the Steel City. He assured me it was a good deal at full retail and a no-brainer at the clearance price.

    All that capped off the great opinions I read here so I feel good about this purchase. Now if I can just get it put together!



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      Re: Incra V27 Miter Gauge

      Good to hear their tech support is that good. I picked it up for $46 so if you watch, they do go on sale. Enjoy your new saw!