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R4511 top assembly

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  • R4511 top assembly

    Yesterday I unloaded my new R4511. Alas the granite table top was cracked in two places. I unscrewed the top and had Home Depot give me a replacement top. Since all the shims came off, I am hoping that someone will give me some instructions on screwing the top back on, specifically in regards to the shims. By the this replaces my TS 3650. I could not resist HD's price of $299.00. Thanks.

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    Re: R4511 top assembly

    Putting the top back on is a simple act of aligning the four screw holes in the top to the four holes in the cabinet. The left holes are on the overhanging edge, while the right holes are inside the cabinet once the plastic cover on the right side is removed.

    The shims' locations are probably saw specific. FWIW, mine are at the left rear and right top corner when you are standing in front of the saw. I noted their locations when I took the top off of my saw.

    I urge you to align your miter slots to the blade once you re-install the top. If you wait until the whole saw is assembled, then it is more difficult.