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Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

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  • Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

    I figured out how to start a 'new thread'!

    None of the factory holes on the 4511 line up with any of the holes on the Beismeyer angle iron that holds the measuring channel. And, they are too close to re-bore the angle iron. I'm thinking I need to fabricate a new piece of angle iron or bore and tap holes in the granite top at this point.

    I have a set up that I'm kinda proud of that I thought I could upgrade. I have a Craftsman cast iron top with a 54" Beismeyer fence and a 50" extension table with an insert for a router. That set-up is mounted on a solid core birch door that has 6-2.5" casters to be able to move around the garage (aka 'shop').

    I bought a 4511 thinking I could replace my old Craftsman. I thought I could just slip out my old Craftsman and slip in my new Ridgid. No such luck. there is about a 3/8" difference in height. The shelf needs to be shortened to accommodate the right tilt motor and motor guard. I have been able to work through those issues, but haven't found a real solution the mounting my Beismeyer fence to the new saw.

    Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome!

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    Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

    Yeah, I ran into similar restrictions when trying to mount my Delta T2.

    You might want to talk to some local metal fabricators and see if they can make you an angle iron that will fit your needs.


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      Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

      I ended up boring 14 new holes of 15 needed re-mount the existing angle angle iron. That stuff is TOUGH!

      So, after 1 week, I fired it up and the whole set-up shook like crazy! I hope there is some kind of simple fix.


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        Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

        I have gotten the 54" Biesmeyer mounted and some pictures of it in my profile. I still haven't figured out how to put them in a reply/post. But, at least you can see them in my album under my profile if you are interested.

        Wait, I figured it out!!
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          Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

          is that a solid, or hollow, core door under your 4511? and how do you lock it in place for cutting? thanks. BTW, nice installation of the aftermarket fence.
          there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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            Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

            That's a really slick setup MK2. The fence, RT, and bench vise all look get that stock blade outta the picture!


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              Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511


              I have a Ridgid Gold that I got for Christmas (before I scooped up the new saw) waiting to go on!


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                Re: Mounting a Biesmeyer fence on R-4511

                Hey Finer

                It's a solid core 1.75" Birch veneer commercial door that a neighbor gave me. No way would a hollow core door work. I have 6-2.5" casters. 4 are around the saw area. The other 2 are out but the end of the fence.

                My first 'Sled' was a 2x4 frame with 3/4" plywood and 1.75" casters, 3 with locks. I stopped using the locks after the 2nd or third time I tried to move the rig with the locks on. When I upgraded to the solid core door, I moved up to 2.5" full swivel casters wo/locks. It is easier to move with the bigger wheels and the overall height is still lower then the first 'Sled'.

                It still takes a good amount of force to get it moving. It hasn't ever been a problem with my cast iron setup so I don't see it being an issue with this one.

                Getting ready to build my shelving, storage and crosscut boat!