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R4511 Bevel stop questions

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  • R4511 Bevel stop questions

    Do you guys use the bevel stops? Mine don't seem to be working correctly, I can't get the 90 degree bevel stop screw to go tight enough, its basically at like 91 degrees, so I just set it using a combination square. The 45 degree has some kind of problem as well, to get to 45 degrees, I noticed the metal red indicator starts to bend? I don't think that is normal. Another problem I have with the bevel wheel is the uncertainty, like I can just keep tightening and tightening going to 45 degrees, and on the 90 degree stop after I start getting really tight something in the motor slips and there is a loud thud. Should I have a Ridgid service man sent out ?

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    Re: R4511 Bevel stop questions

    bgilb, return it for another and cross your fingers. check out (below).