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  • Help with R4510

    Good Morning, I have decided to buy a table saw and wanted a TS2410LS until I read about the R4510. Trouble is I don't see any at my HomeDepot stores here in Knoxville, TN. Does anyone know if there is a HD that have the newer R4510?? A Ridgid rep said that HD will get the R4510's when the TS2410's are gone. Thanks for the help.

    PS. I would drive an hour or so to pick one up.

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    Re: Help with R4510

    all the HDs in my NYC trisate area have 4510s. there are also some 2410s still on hand and the stores have no wasy of knowing what they have as both saws are identified by teh same 6 digit sku. best way to get a 4510 is to 1) go to a store and look at the actual box the saw is in. 2) call store to check if units of the saw's sku are on hand and ask for a visual of the model number printed on the box. i would challenge the ridgid rep on his comment as i've seen both units (2410 and 4510) in the same store at the same time. HTH.
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