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  • Another satisfied R4511 Owner

    I finally bought one of these things. I've been studying up on them for months now but didnLt have the cash to buy one. Then they discontinued the product and I had two thoughts. 1) this is good because the price will drop. 2) they're gonna sell out before I get the funds. After weeks of the 499 price I read this forum where it dropped to 299. I couldn't resist making a trip to HD. After having my wife hunt down a store that still had more than a dispaly model, I was on my way.
    Now its home and in my shop up and running. There were no assembly problems whatsoever (and I even followed the manual). After being used to using my 1986 ohio forge benchtop TS that my daddy gave me, I couldn't imagine having a better tool. No vibration, cuts straight, fence is accurate, and it was only 300 bucks. Fantastic!
    As of right now the only dust control I have is a shop vac so I left the dust pan off. I want to get a dust collector but don't want anything big. Any recommendations? I've looked at the small portable grizzly model and I've heard a couple people on here speak of the HF model. Although I wasn't too sold on the HF comments. Any advice would help. Thanks.

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    Re: Another satisfied R4511 Owner

    Loo at this for $139.00 with coupon and even another 20% off with another coupon, that you can find somewhere on the thread about drill press.

    Review of the unit:

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