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  • home depot grand opening

    Does home depot run any kind of specials on grand opening days?

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    As a general practice, no. You can score 10% coupons if you fill out a credit app though.


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      Actually, we recently had a new store open in the Reading, Pa. area and they sent out a flyer about a week in advance that had some specials for the grand opening. There weren't more than about fifty items in it, but at least they were making some offers.


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        From my experiance with the store openings, they usually do send out a flyer with specials, but its just a rehase of the specials all the other stores have, but in a "grand opening theme".

        If you have other Home Depots nearby the new store, all of those stores will have the exact same pricing as well.

        Of course, I could be wrong on this, [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Been to two home despot grand openings...nothing grand about them, no deals.....bah humbug!
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            I have 3 HD stores in my immediate area. During each grand opening they all offered 10% off to people who signed up for the HD credit card for the first time. During the last grand opening I talked to the manager and cried about how I didn't think it was right that a long time credit card holder couldn't get the 10% discount but a newbie could. He agreed and with the 10% discount he gave me I purchased the 3612 and the TP1300. The next day I went back with the intention of asking for the same deal again in order to purchase the Ridgid jointer. The first manager wasn't working so I spoke to a different manager who refused to allow the discount - - - go figure!