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Is My TS3660 As Safe As It Can Be?

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    Re: Is My TS3660 As Safe As It Can Be?

    I found the splitter on my 3660 to be fairly thick. I went to a Forrest WWII with the 1/8" kerf and have had no problems, and it makes a great cut. Costly, but worth it.
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      Re: Is My TS3660 As Safe As It Can Be?

      Originally posted by Phil3 View Post
      Thanks for the responses on the blade. ...
      OK, seems like a good blade is safer, rather like a sharp kitchen knife is safer than a dull one requiring a lot of effort behind it. The Forrest II is very costly, and probably more than I need. Recommendations for general use that are a good value for the $$$ that work on the TS3660?

      Thank you for your help. I am feeling better about using the saw.

      - Phil
      Tired fingers...blade suggestions here.
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        Re: Is My TS3660 As Safe As It Can Be?

        Glad to hear you have no issues with the splitter and stock blade. I agree with others and save the stock blade for projects where you are not as concerned about perfect cuts.

        In regards to reasonably priced blades I picked up a Freud Diablo D1050X combination blade for $35.00 Canadian and have been happy with it as a general purpose blade. You can see it here

        I am sure others will have suggestions, and I am interested to hear what they have found to be good and well priced.